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Brea Junior High School Reviews

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I enjoyed the diversity of this school, as it immersed the students in a variety of cultures. However, I feel as though this college did not prepare its students well academically for the challenges of college. It did not promote any programs that could have excelled learning.
I attended Brea Jr. High school and I loved it. They made my 7th and 8th grade years very fun and educational. I was able to be a teachers assistant both my years and I believe I have used some of the things I learned in my adult years. All the teachers I had were nice and very helpful when needed. I enjoyed the way I was taught.
I haven't spent too much time in these facilities, but they are all functional and clean.
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The teachers themselves are very average in what they do, with perhaps a few notable exceptions.
If you grew up in Brea, you already pretty much know everyone who goes to school with you. Sometimes bullying gets out of hand, but it's fairly simple if you avoid the people causing the issues.
The extracurriculars are all mostly student run and are fun to be a part of, though at times membership can feel more clique-ish than actually about community bonding.
There were times when I needed assistance and I sat down in the nurse's office for a full period with a friend, with the nurse never showing up. Health-wise, however, the school was fairly decent.

Safety is an issue at this school, occasionally. If there are serious issues, the administration is afraid to take control of the situation. There have been people who have threatened to stab others consistently at this school who were dealt with only through brief suspension, even if the behavior continued after that suspension.
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