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Through out my High school years Brazoswood has helped me gain confidence in myself through out organizations. All of the teachers that i had while attuning Brazoswood made me feel comfortable and important.
I like the security and most of the teachers. I do not like the school food (or the fact that the water fountains probably have lead in them). I am glad we are getting a new school, but sad that the cafeteria won’t be as pretty. Oh, and I don’t like the Columbia blue!
I've been at brazoswood since my freshman year. I am now a senior. I love listening to the drum line play and going to the football games! I also love the school spirit that we have here.
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Brazoswood High School is a school with many different people, many different clubs and activities. I would like to see Brazoswood high school get better at getting students involved and make there high school years more enjoyable
Brazoswood is a great school for academics, certain sports, the fine arts, and extracurriculars. With a wide array of classes, Brazoswood not only offers AP, dual credit, and other college preparedness classes, but it also offers a wide range of fine art classes and STEM classes. At Brazoswood the sports programs and extracurriculars are also well taken care of and have shown success in a very competitive district, except football ): In addition, Brazoswood has just begun construction on an entirely new school which will include even more resources for teachers and students to enhance further education. However, the construction has become a nuisance to Brazoswood's current students.
While Brazoswood is the best school it certainly isn’t the worst. It has its ups and downs but when you get to the core of it, it’s not that bad of a school. Most of the teachers truly care and work hard to help with your success! While on the other hand some teachers seem to just want to drag you down and the students that attend it for a major part are too.
I liked how everyone who was either a Brazoswood graduate or currently is a student always came together whether it was good times or bad times. Everyone is really supportive of each other and we all like to see everyone succeed. What I would like to see more of tho is consistency in these areas because we do come together when things happen but on a day to day basis we aren't all connected and we just go our separate ways. I believe that even with different beliefs and opinions we should always stick together and be kind to one an other. Sometimes people will judge others based on what they believe in and I don't think that's right. We should all love one another no matter what the circumstances are.
This school is one of the best I’ve been to and I would never change schools again. One day when I have kids I will have them go to this school. They are even building a bigger and better building for our students.
I believe the education provided at Brazoswood highschool is adequate to move forward with college. The teaching staff are highly professional and helpful in teaching curriculum. I am also involved in the baseball program at Brazoswood highschool. The baseball program consists of very professional coaches. My coaches push us to become strong athletes that will help us to be able to play at the next level. My school is both challenging and rewarding at the same time. Brazoswood has also taken extra measures to provide a safer environment for both students and teachers. I believe Brazoswood highschool sets the standards in both academics and extracurricular activities that will allow me to be successful in college and in the workforce.
Good curriculum. Students are involved in many activities. Principal friendly. And good sports. Counselors are present anytime for students. Random drug tests that keep the students aware of the danger of drugs. So far am happy with what my son achieved.
Going to Brazoswood was a great high school. Class of 2019, my class, had been through so much such as, tragic lose of seniors, awards, and etc. What I would like to see is teacher being there when we actually need them. Some students don't really have people they can trust at Brazoswood unless the teacher loved them. Teachers would favor, and you start to see as the years go on. the teaching staff was amazing, but they just need to be there more for students.
A horrible school with a terrible academic system. I would definitely consider hiring more diverse teachers.
Brazoswood High School provides a fun and safe environment. There is always a feeling of excitement and joy throughout the schools. AP’s are extremely nice and all the teachers have good relationships with students!
Most of the teachers were very nice and genuinely cared for the students. The funding for the extracurricular activities was not evenly distributed but I really enjoyed the Theater arts program as well as the French club.
When I arrive to brazoswood HS, I had a big vision of what I could do there and I was very impressed of how different was from others I saw. Being a foreign student, I can say that my experience has been pretty decent. Made good friends and teachers were patient with the students who was having some trouble with the language. Overall, Brazoswood HS is a good place to study, you feel safe and you can be sure that you can have a good experience not only academically, but personal. There's some good opportunities to grow and that's what make Brazoswood HS an unique school.
It’s an average, all the teacher like to see their students pass and there’s a lot of teacher who would help student achieve their grade as well. Overall very nice school and body of students
Good overall diversity and culture. Teachers allow students to take extra time to prepare for college and ask questions about any problems they are having.
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brazoswood is such an amazing school, everyone is very involved and the teachers are all so sweet!!! I’m enjoying my 4 years at bwood and i’m going to be very upset once i graduate
My experience at Bwood was pretty standard. The classes were difficult. The food was bland. I attended the pep rallies on Fridays.
I loved most of my teachers at Brazoswood. They were all so kind and helpful, and willing to help when they could. Some things i would like to see change about the school is the facility itself. They school could definitely use some improvements to make the school more appealing, and safer.
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