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I had a great time with my friends. I met amazing and genuine people. Unfortunately the administration really doesn't care about its students. They mostly care about looking good in statistics so they can get higher grants. Teachers do genuinely care about you. Bands was awesome!
Someone of the teachers were amazing and helped a lot. Others not so much. I had some teachers who just sat on there phones and put on movies almost everyday, some who prioritize being a friend to students instead of actually teaching.
Brawley Union High School is the best high school ever. The staff is really nice, they help out whenever they can, and they are understanding. There is a lot of different electives and extracurricular activities that any student can participate in. You can talk to any staff member and they will try their best to help out the student with what they need. They also have different tutoring sessions that go on after school for any kids that need help or a quite place to do their homework.
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I personally enjoyed being in Brawley union high school the staff is very helpful with the students need i do wish they got more involved on the creative side rather than athletics
Brawley High School is a small school, that has lots of good and bad. Most teachers are awful and lazy. Counselors are super generous. Administration is really awful, they think just cause they are superior they can control and treat you how they want. Those teachers who are good, limited, fill you with advice and generosity. The school has great ROP classes that will help out in the real world. Security is very low. Sports and coaches are great overall I believe this school is better than bad but I don’t recommend it for any others interested in attending it. I learned so little from my teachers. There were those teachers who were good though, but limited like I mentioned before. Overall it’s a 5-6 in a 10 scale. I got used to it, you could maybe rate it lower.
I love the school spirit at BUHS and I love the Hispanic culture it emerges. We are proud Wildcats and we’re resilient. I do believe that we can strive to be better than we were yesterday. I believe BUHS can do better by providing a more hygienic facility to the student and the parents of BUHS. I also believe we can strive to be the best academically achieving school in the Imperial Valley. As well as in sportsmanship. BUHS has given me the most memorable moments in my life. Although my senior year was cut short due to COVID-19 it was amazing while it lasted and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ll greatly miss the staff and faculty when I leave to college in the fall of 2020. We bleed blue and gold because ain’t no party like a B-town party!
Brawley Union High School was an amazing experience. There were lots of different clubs and activities students could join. The campus environment was safe and enjoyable.
Brawley Union High School is where I can express myself and feel most comfortable. Teachers are very much respected and prepare you for the real world. I’d like to see more extra curricular and student involvement. It would be nice if everyone could feel as comfortable as I am. Another suggestion is we need more science courses as well as electives, courses that are more career based.
Like with any school you have to make the best of the resources you are given. As along as you do that, then you will thrive and do great at Brawley Union High School academic wise. However, if you did not grow up in Brawley you might have a difficult making friends because its a small town and people have their cliques.
My high school teachers are very resilent for the type of situation that we have with the COVID-19, she or he has put all the effort for have the best type of teaching for me and my classmates. This two years that I had attended has been a good experience for my preparedness to be a competent college student and made good connections with students and teachers. For the most part I wouldn't change anything just being more prepare for situations like this but most of the work needs to be done by us the students if we want to achieve more.
The facilities are not the best since there are only 2 main accessible student bathrooms on campus and half of the stalls are out of service half the time, otherwise, the bathrooms are fine. The clubs and extracurricular groups are very welcoming. Sports teams have a family-type bond once everyone gets to know and play with each other; The sports department does need more funding for less popular sports though. Smaller teams need funding for uniforms, transportation, or equipment for new incoming players. Nevertheless, participating in a sport will ensure great memories to come as the season passes. The art department does need a lot of funding as well. As a member of the marching band, we are in desperate need of funding for new instruments since half of them are not functioning. They also have no opportunities for competitions, end of the year trips, or simple events and are in constant need of fundraisers. Brawley Union Highschool does have its flaws, but no school is perfect.
The environment seems really great and the teacher are nice and friendly and willing to help you however there's some teachers that don't really help as much.
It was a good high school to attend. I loved their school spirit and pride. Although they could work on their college readiness and trade program ideas, it is a good high school to attend.
I have had some good classes and some great teachers. I have enjoyed my high school experience overall so far!
I have met great people that I wouldn't have been able to meet if I didn't go to this school. Yes there are a lot of people who talk behind your back, the phone rules are unfavorable towards students, but I would never choose to go to a different high school.
Brawley Union High School emphasizes on sports and other extracurricular activities. However, we are also exceptional students in the classroom. Overall, my experiences at Brawley Union High School have been amazing! I have had my ups and downs but don't we all? I was born an raised in Brawley, CA so this is my home and it always will be. My favorite thing about this school is that this is where I met my best friends. They are the reason why I feel at home here and I can be myself whenever I am with them. When I think of Brawley High, I think of all the great memories my friends and I have made together throughout our high school experience.
Brawley Union High is a good average high school. There are some great teachers who are passionate about their job and impact their students with their positivity. When it comes to the opportunities and school spirit, BUHS is at their peak during the fall season. The basic curriculum is taught but there needs to be an improvement in academics, outside resources, and college readiness.
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This highschool is a very enjoyable school to attend as a student. Most of the teachers are polite and will work with you as long as you respect them. Overall, I believe that this school can be improved by strengthening their administration. It is kind of weak and can be much better.
The teachers at BUHS are well trained and I have never had a problem with any of them. The academics and sports at BUHS are very competitive, but overall it’s a very active school.
The school is alright. Teachers are alright. Food is alright. Safety is alright. College programs could be a bit better. Should offer more math courses.
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