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Bravo Medical Magnet High School Reviews

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Bravo as a school is a very interesting place to learn. It contains lots of loving but strict teachers. The higher level teachers tend to have higher standards but it gets to the point where we are bombarded with lots of homework. Overall the school is great and the teachers are awesome at what they do. The one thing I wish they had was just more space and more land because our school is just a 5-floor building.
From the very first day I started my journey at Bravo, I knew it would be a change from what I was used to in my Middle School. There was an obvious diversity of people and that really interested me. Bravo is directed by amazing teachers and other staff with different backgrounds, volunteering and dual enrollment opportunities and more. I took advantage of a variety of college courses and now, as I transition to college, I'm off to a great start. Although this isn't the typical High School one sees on movies, Bravo has its own beauties. One of these include having the Keck Hospital as a friendly neighbor. All students have the opportunity to apply to different programs, classes, r volunteering opportunities. I've always had good experiences with teachers and for the most part, most are really understanding! I would like there to be a change in the organization of after school student pick up. The sidewalk does get a bit full sometimes, but I'm sure that can be solved in not time!
I like the programs they have involving USC. Their programs are very eye opening when it comes to making a decision if you truly want to be part of the medical field.
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There are very few teachers that actually care about a students well-being and education. This is not your average high school, it focuses more on academics than it does student activities. Its important for students to have their student activities so that they can have a fun high school experience. I've seen so many students crack from all the pressure that teachers and staff put on students.
Bravo is notorious for the amount of workload that each student is expected to complete. Though it is a challenging school with rigorous classes, the opportunities offered at Bravo are like no other high school. I am only a junior at Bravo, and I have been offered countless opportunities to learn more about careers in the health field. This school can definitely be challenging, but hard work and dedication will allow you to succeed!
The school has resources for everyone that needs them such as for college and other events that occur in the school. The academics are good only if the teacher actually helps you because sometimes they don't know how to teach. The school spirit is extremely lacking. If want to do something in STEM then the school does have connections with USC and gives opportunities for research such as the STAR program.
It was very science and medically oriented. I think that there are quality teachers who are passionate about their class. There needs to be a stricter hiring process for the faculty and student counselors, though.
Academic wise, its really good. Sports could be improved by the assistance of the school as there’s potential in academics and in sports as well. Administration can improve, as well as some teachers.
Bravo isn't like your typical high school, with sports teams, multiple buildings, popular students, and more; consequently, it as less than other high schools and for that reason, that's why my experience is different. My school has no football team nor football field, we don't have a swimming pool (but we have a swim team), we don't have a soccer field either (but we do have a boys and girls soccer team); in addition, my school is only one building. Although, Bravo is different than other high schools, my experience there has been great.
My overall experience in Bravo was intense, I feel like the teachers have high expectations for one, and that really put pressure on me. I didn't like most of my teachers from my four years, I thought their way of teaching didn't connect with my way of learning but I took time to understand teachers methods, I guess to adapt. I was constantly stressed with the homework but overall it isn't such a bad school.
Before even going into school, there were so many stereotypes about how bad the school will be. At first, it can be overwhelming but it really does get us prepared for college. Currently, the coronavirus is going around and our school is doing everything they can to help us keep learning.
Bravo Medical Magnet is extremely helpful in challenging and preparing its students for college life. The courses and programs offered here such as STAR (Science, Technology, and Research) allow high schoolers like me to work alongside scientists at Keck School of Medicine of USC. This school trains and helps us develop the necessary skills needed to enter any field, whether it be the medical or something different such as technology.
Bravo is a very rigorous high school that allows students whom want to pursue the medical field flourish, as for those whom aren't interested in the medical field they are still exposed to hard work and high standards that accompany the school. The school, being a magnet, is ethnically diverse. There are no weak departments at bravo in my eyes, the majority of the teachers care immensely about their students and want them to becomes successful. The only aspect of bravo that needs more help is the counselors, they seem to be overworked and sometimes don't have time to help students. this problem doesn't lie on bravo, its a district issues that needs to be resolved,
I appreciated all the programs the school offered which were mostly science based. Even though I am not a major fan of science I recognize all the special programs that work to enrich students experience in the scientific field.
Bravo has many opportunities for those interested in science and the medical field. I did get a chance to take my love of art into the classroom, for there are art teachers there. There is also a music program for those who love playing instruments and singing, and 2 dance classes for those who express their selves though traditional and modern dance. Many of the teachers there are very helpful and have great connections with their students. However, the students lack school spirit. Few people attend the school dances or participate in school activities like Club Rush. The school also lacks a nearby field and pool. The single 5-story building we have is very small and feels crowded and prison-like with its neutral colored lockers and linoleum flooring. The air conditioning and clocks also tend to malfunction. LAUSD school food sucks, as always. Overall, the school has good educational resources but needs more color, space, and spirit to give it life.
This is a small and diverse school. Its students are known for being very involved and academically driven. There is no football team, but cross country is our equivalent. A lot of students are in it and they embody our school spirit.
To be fair, I've known only one high school, but I can say what I think about the school I've been with for almost 4 years. The classes and teachers are generally good people who teach their subjects well. There are a few teachers, however, whose classes aren't exactly very productive. There are plenty of college resources, especially if you want to go into anywhere medical related. The school is indeed located next to the USC Keck Medical campus. There's no football field, so our school pride often is funneled into other sports and academic competition. The only other complaint I'll put here is that even the teachers complain about the administration sometimes.
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I like how diverse it is, and the music program. The music program is so culturally inclusive. We have Latin Jazz, band, and k-pop as a club.
What I like about bravo is that they encourage you to continue your education and they help you understand how important it’s is to focus on your future. Something that I’d like for the school to change is the pressure they put on their students most of them often suffer from stress and depression, and are often loaded with homework.
This has been my high school for the past 4 years and it is one of the best public schools in the area. It is a school that is very focused on academics and test scores, so if sports really matter to you don't go here. However, Bravo excels in academics and consistently scores much higher on tests than you would think.
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