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Brantley High School is the best school I went to the teachers are amazing, and the staff are amazing and if I have to choose a school for my kids I will let them go to Brantley High School
Brantley High School is a place where I've grown into the person I am today. Without this school I would not be the same person, but that would be because of the people I met and began to grow strong, everlasting relationships with. The schools education is on the proper track of preparation for college.Students today are taught to pack their schedules so that they can have enough high school credits to graduate. Students need extracurricular activities in order to make a proper resume. Most schools are behind on their lesson plans due to reasons that cannot be worked around. I believe that Brantley, or at least some of the teachers at Brantley, like to challenge the students to not only learn, but to enjoy learning. Overall, I cannot complain, but I'm looking forward to graduating and seeing what the world outside of Brantley has in store for me!
While attending school at Brantley High, I noticed how lucky I was to have teachers that cared and wanted to help you learn. If you had a problem or you did not understand something that was discussed in class, The teachers were not hesitant to jump right in and help, even if it required one on one time during class.
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What I love about Brantley High School is that it is a family like no other. The faculty are always willing to help you succeed in school and in life. The culture of the school is like no other; it makes you feel involved in every aspect of student life. The people are indescribable. From helping, to caring, to wanting better for you they devote a special part of themselves, and that in turn makes you feel overwhelmed with pride and love for Brantley.
I like that it is very diverse and that the teachers remember you because we are a small enough school to where they can remember you.
Over all it is a pretty good school. Teachers and admin show a lot of favoritism towards certain students. Your last name makes all the difference. your last name can decide how a teacher may treat you and even how much playing time you could get if you belonged to a jv or varsity team. Over all I don't believe Brantley gets you as ready for your college experience as one would need to be.
The staff is very involved in students' learning and care about their well-being. The discipline and level of learning could improve greatly.
Brantley School has great kids, great staff, overall a wonderful school. I am proud my child goes to school here.
I first came to Brantley in 5th grade. Academically the school is great, and so are the teachers. I would like to see the bathrooms be redone, they are the worst ever. I would also like to see them change their dress code a little, because some things are just ridiculous.
I enjoy everything about Brantley High School from the academics to the student organizations. Although I would rather the choice of staff members and choices of lunchroom food change.
I liked the teachers and staff, but if I could change anything I would like to see a larger and higher quality art program, and other extra curricular activities.
This is an awesome school and the community welcomes you with open arms. To be a small school has a lot of advantages everyone knows everybody and when someone is in need everyone helps out. The only drawback is they might need a couple of more clubs for others who don't play sports.
I love attending Brantley High School. Brantley is a small town which means it has a small school. The school feels like home, everyone knows each other, and it is a very comfortable environment to be in. Brantley is known for sports, but it is not all about sports here. We have very good academics, everyone is put in a classroom where they can learn and succeed.
At this school there is an after-school program that helps kids learn and catch up on things they might not have understood in class.
I have enjoyed the past few years at this school and I'm going to miss it a lot. It makes me feel like I belong here and I couldn't imagine going to a better school. If I could do it all over again, I would still choose this school. We are outstanding in sports. The teachers are very good at helping the students achieve greatness. I could never replace the memories I have made with my friends at this school.
The teachers at this school are excellent at explaining any topic. It helps the student understand it better without having to stress because of not being taught enough. The teachers are all very organized and they all have the right knowledge to teach us students. Our grades are put in the next day after the test which is also something else I love about my teachers.
Clean considering the age of the school
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Again most things are great but when students are tested they need to be tested on what was on the lesson not something off the wall, to confuse the class and to insure most students make bad grade. Because most students will not look ahead to the next lesson stay on point teachers.
Most teachers are very knowledgeable but some need to go.
the health and safety at brantley high school are really great
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