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I started Branson because of the online freedom, I had just gotten a service dog and needed to train her and be with her 24/7. I love that Branson has a four day school week. The teachers are great and really care about my education.
I appreciate the ability to create my own schedule, but I would like more contact with other students.
The workload at Branson was very heavy, I was left with almost no time for non-school related activities. However there were many resources available to aid in the workload. So, there was a balance between school and a social life if you could schedule correctly and stayed on top of the course work.
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The extracurricular options were limited, mainly because this is an online school, most of them were through third parties, such as gyms. There were plenty of online activities, including math and science help.
Branson Online was one of the most intense schools I have ever attended. The teachers pushed you to the limit in academics. At the time I hated the school, but it taught me so much about how I learn and I and stronger for it. Looking back, I love and value my time at Branson.
The English teachers were the best in the school, they were consistently open and helpful to every student.
There are a wide variety of courses offered at Branson School Online. During their junior and senior years students have the option to choose their own electives.
There are many types of elective courses like yearbook that could count as extracurricular activities.
This school is very unique because it allows students to work at their own pace. The teachers are helpful, and its important that they have the students become involved in every lesson. The school also has field trips, where students can meet other students and their teachers. It is truly a wonderful experience.
Even though the classes are online, the teachers make all of the students feel involved and engaged. My teachers are very hardworking and organized, their planning allows students to work at their own pace. Students are always welcome to email or call and will expect a response in a short amount of time.
I feel ahead in most of my core classes because of this school. They also provide very unique class options like photography, real world parenting, and forensics.
I know that students enjoy the student yearbook class, but I don't really think there are after school activities
I love almost everything about this school. Other than not enjoying one of their programs they use, learning odyssey, I love everything. Blackboard is great and the class options are awesome. I love psychology and real world parenting. The option for concurrent enrollment that is paid for by the school is also awesome
Even though it is all online, the teachers do an amazing job keeping the students engaged and making sure every student is working to succeed. They email and they call weekly. They make sure parents always know what's going on. They make sure there are still options for field trips. They do an amazing job teaching online classes
The teachers are organized and easy to get a hold of to ask questions, they are understanding and willing to help. The curriculum is easy to comprehend, but still challenge the student. The scheduling process is an individual's preference. It is nice to be able to control that amount of time for each subject, if writing comes easier and less time is needed, then you are able to spend that time on math, or a subject more complicated for a student. The workload is challenging, but reasonable. They have unique classes and a large variety of history and science classes. My favorite is women's role in history and vet science.
Branson School Online prepared me greatly for college work and learning in general. All of the teachings are as up-to-date as possible and give you the challenge and rigor to see how hard college can be but what a student can do to get through such a life event easily. They allowed you to take dual enrollment when they believe the student is ready and give any guidance to those who have a particular path in mind.
The teachers at Branson were very helpful in helping the students graduate with a high standard of doing well. They were always available and allowed you to work ahead when they knew where you were at in the class.
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they allowed me to graduate early and work ahead of the class because they knew I had more than enough credits to graduate early.
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