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Brandywine Senior High School Reviews

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the teachers and counselors are fairly good at helping students and to lead them in a successful direction. there is only like one AP class though and nothing past calculus. very close knit community which is nice
they have a nice after school classroom they can go to for extra help
Some teachers are there just to get paid. my kids have had the same math teacher and all 3 of them have said hes no help to them. They ask questions and get told to sit down.
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The safety at this school is very kept up on
Its a decent school, I graduated from it as well as my 3 kids will too. There are politics just like everywhere else. If you don't have the last name, then you tend to not be the first to choose for anything going on. Wish more parents would volunteer to help at things.
A great place for education with caring staff
There are a lot of sports and things to do but if you haven't done sports your whole life at this school you don't make the team
Most people at this school are mean and don't understand how their words affect people
The policies that are in order at Brandywine is what we need for our size and location of school.
I don't have a lunch period, because of my share-time class. But when I do get a school lunch, it is good and there is healthy options to choose from.
The safety policies are good at Brandywine. I feel safe at school, and most, if not all, of the students do to.
The teachers are great and really care about the students. They can use technology in a way that is interactive and is being absorbed by the student easily.
Sports are an important aspect of Brandywine High School. We are known for our football, track, girls basketball, and wrestling programs. The student section isn't huge, but we get pretty hyped for how many people show up.
Brandywine High School is a great place to get an education due to its small class sizes and caring teachers. They do the best they can to help you work towards the career you want.
It's a small town school, the teachers love what they do, but that doesn't mean they're the best at what they do.
Many students go into the military upon graduation. Out of the students who go on to college, few leave the state to do so.
Other than sports, there aren't many extracurricular activities. This school has very few clubs, but many students join the clubs that they do have.
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The food itself doesn't taste too bad, but if you're picky or a vegetarian you're pretty much out of luck. They don't offer too many options in one day.
The number of programs they offer outside of the school is what gives them a higher grade. The in-school classes are far from challenging and often very boring. The english classes are crap and really need help. However, the Early College Academy program is amazing and a very good opportunity. They also offer other classes outside of the high school that let you experience different careers.
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