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Academically this is a very good school, but from my experience, some of my prior classmates have left because this school can be very competitive. A lot of the students that go here have a very high grade and depending on the classes taken, you have the chance to feel very prepared for adulthood.
This school is very fun to be in, lots of options to take in! Enjoyed my 4 years of high school here, a lot of memories that I will cherish forever.
Some of the teachers are passionate about what they teach and make the experience for students amazing. They have a way of interesting you in things you’d never taken an interest in before. Brandon offers students great academic opportunities including college credit and career based classes through the Career and Technical Education Academy in Sioux Falls. The environment is very safe with all individuals working to make a strong community. Brandon Valley gives a sense of home where most everyone is friendly, and there are multiple adults ready to help in any way possible.
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Brandon Valley High School has its perks, but it also has some things that could be worked on. An example of a perk and one reason I love my school is juniors and seniors do not have to take semester exams as long as we don't miss more than 2 days of school. This encourages good attendance and time management. A downside to this is that you can't go on vacations or if you are sick, you feel obligated to attend school. During homecoming, our school goes all out. We have a full week of dressing up and the last day is just a fun day with no classes. One thing I think our school should work on is supporting things other then sports. Overall, my time attending BVHS has been fun and I will carry many memories with me forever.
The teachers are amazing and they really focus on the students and making sure they succeed in every area of life.
Brandon has great academics. There is a wide array of courses that students can take to meet their diverse interests. Teachers are genuinely concerned for the well-being of their students. The district as a whole is one of the best in the entire region.
Getting out of my comfort zone has given me the possibility of being in the theater productions my school puts on, in oral interpretation, and singing in the school's concert choir. Being in theater has allowed me the chance of being in the school's fall play, One Acts, and musical productions. I have allowed myself to perform in front of an audience and make good friends with who I would like to consider as family. Oral Interp. has allowed me to compete against other high school students by performing pieces of literature in front of judges and an audience. Singing in the concert choir at school has also allowed my voice to reach new levels of determination I never had in middle school. I would say that there are a lot of clubs/opportunities students can participate in to be involved in Brandon Valley High School.
Great school to attend for academics, music, and sports. I feel like my academics really prepared me for college.
I like how the teachers prepare the students for college and challenge them. The teachers are extremely invested in the students and passionate about their jobs. In addition, teachers are extremely good at gathering the attention of the students and mixing up the daily routine.
overall, very impressive school. There appears to be some 'political' stuff going on with extra curricular activities but that is life so I guess we are just getting our children prepped for the real life scene.
I have the best teachers who really care about us. They make the time to help us through any problems and teach in a way we can learn. I’m so proud to be a Lynx!
I highly enjoy this high school. There is very minimal bullying, and the people are friendly. I would recommend this high school to anyone else.
Brandon Valley is a great school to attend. Everyone truly cares about your success and are ready and willing to be sure you are prepared to do whatever you chose in life after High School. The teachers and counselors are great and the student body is fairly accepting of who you are as a person. I feel safe when coming to school and I feel ready and willing to learn and grow.
With my experience at BVHS only good things can be said about the school. There are so many different clubs and activities to be involved in that anyone can find one that they like. Also at BVHS the teachers are there to help you succeed in your class, if help is needed, all that you have to do is stop in and see the teacher. The teachers are there before and after school and willing to help.
I had been ridiculed and bullied through out high school. I told staff and they did nothing. I felt as though I was trapped. At one point I had been put in a position of leadership, when students found out the mocked me and said that no one would put me in charge.
Brandon Valley High School is a great school. The teachers are very hardworking, and put the time and effort to assist their students to their best of their ability. Some teachers even stay late just to be of more help to you if need to be. As long as you show willingness to learn, they will be there for you along the way.
I thoroughly love Brandon Valley. It is a nice school with lots of opportunities. Not only is the athletic department huge, but the arts as well. The band program is what I find the best. It has multiple different groups you can be in as well as a welcoming feel.
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I have really enjoyed Brandon Valley as a high school because it has offered many different opportunities to be involved in extra circulars. Also the staff is amazing whether it is counselors, teachers, or even janitors. I would like to see Brandon Valley include more opportunities for college courses.
I liked that the school is pretty welcoming, the teachers are nice and they actually know things. There are plenty of opportunities for the students to get involved with thing that they like.
I love my amazing school. Great teachers, and great staff. We have an amazing music program. At our school, we have a graduation rate of 98%, if my memory serves me correct.
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