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The Brandon Hall athletic department, teams, and coaches are the best of any of the boarding school in the south. I have sent my son to boarding schools all over the south and the athletic experience that he had at Brandon Hall was outstanding!

He played on the Boys Varsity Basketball team this past year and helped set the record for most wins in school history with 20 wins and an Elite 8 finalist as well. The coaches really care about their players and teach them about accountability with everything in life. The culture that Coach Long has established in basketball has helped my son understand so much. The basketball region was very competitive, and the non-region schedule was even better with the team playing some of the best schools in GHSA Private region.

All the coaches are fantastic and are great teachers of the sports they coach, but more importantly, establishing a great culture among the student-athletes in their programs.
A positive and inclusive professional environment! The school empowers its people to do great work every day. A genuine educational community. I'm grateful for getting to work with remarkable and diverse individuals, contributing to our teaching and learning environment in many meaningful ways, and feeling challenged and appreciated while doing it.
Brandon Hall is a wonderful place to work. The students, faculty, and staff are treated like family. The administration works with the faculty and staff to ensure they have time for their own families too and encourages employees to bring their families to campus events.
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We absolutely love BHS. The staff to student ratio allows the student success with AP classes and college preparatory classes. My son has been able to develop leadership skills and has taken on leadership roles not provided by very large schools. We love the international diversity of the school. Students are able to grow academically and socially and are prepared to face the world following graduation.
My son just completed his freshman year we have been very pleased with our experience thus far. The staff and teachers have been great supportive and go a great job with communication throughout the year. The administration has accommodated us whenever we needed and have treated us like family. Academic rigor is strong and class sizes are very small.
Such a fantastic place that cares about ALL community members! As a lifelong educator, I can honestly say this place has allowed me to find a renewed passion for learning and students. This place saved my career as an educator and is only strengthening by the day! A wonderful place to live, learn, and grow!
My experience in Brandon hall was one of a kind because everybody in that school is nice and open to new stuff/people
Brandonhall school is one that I fell in love with the first day I was there. The students are friendly, teachers are respectful and caring, as well as the rest of the faculty. The security is impeccable as someone is always keeping watch. The sports are enjoyable to participate in, but most of all the school comes to the games to cheer on the players, showing how close the community is. The academics is easy to balance and the boarding makes school all more enjoyable.
Brandon Hall School has really helped me to grow as a person. It has given me many experiences that I never thought I would get. The school itself strives to help students do their best and put out their best.
The teachers really care about the students and everyone is really happy here. All the students are really passionate about their education and inspiring. This is a really special school.
Brandon Hall’s diversity is truly special. The small class sizes allows kids to fully be educated in their curriculum. The campus is absolutely beautiful in all seasons.
Very good school. Teachers are very supportive and hands on. Brandon Hall focuses on the development of the whole student not just academics.
Brandon Hall is a great school. I have 2 boys there and they absolutely love it. They have flourished and excelled under the schools programs especially in their leadership qualities and community involvement. Brandon Hall is one of the very few private schools that show diversity in its highest level. Every continent is represented. So students graduate with an a global appreciation and respect of different cultures. Hence making global leaders. The staff and faculty are great and understanding and the school has a rigorous academic program with an IB program as well🙌🏾. Best of all student teacher ratio is 6:1... cant beat that. So as a BHS parent, I’d recommend this school to anyone. I personally love it!! Oh and when you come to visit, I hope you pop in during a basketball or soccer game... and help us cheer on the panthers!!
Brandon Hall has been a great fit for our son. The small class size and involved teachers have helped him reach his potential. There is such a community feeling at Brandon Hall.
I love attending Brandon Hall School! The people on campus is my favorite thing about the school. They’re all so nice and inviting whether it’s a student or someone who works for the school. I love that there’s so many different cultures on campus which invites more learning opportunities about the rest of the world. This school has done so much for me and has definitely changed me for the better. This school is amazing!
Brandon Hall is an excellent school, and has truly helped my daughter in many ways. Her sophomore year was our first experience with the school, as well as our first year of private schooling altogether. My daughter loved the diversity, the small class sizes, and the experience of living on campus as a boarder. She has always performed well academically, but her first semester helped her learn to develop better study habits for the classes that challenged her the most. The teachers truly cared about her and were available to help whenever she needed additional help outside of normal class hours. Additionally, being at Brandon Hall helped her become outgoing, more responsible, and enabled her to engage in community service projects that meant a lot to her. At home, she is like a new person and I’m so thankful we made the decision for her to attend Brandon Hall!
Trường Brandon Hall là một trong những trường gần như là tốt nhất trong việc định hướng và giảng dạy học sinh khi mà thầy cô quan tâm, chú ý đến từng người qua những việc nhỏ nhất. Bên cạnh đó trường còn có cách chương trình ngoại khóa cuối tuần cho học sinh nội trú cũng như học sinh thường ngày đều được lên kế hoạch và tổ chức chặt chẽ. Đồng thời, môi trường và học sinh lẫn giáo viên rất thân thiện sẵn sàng giúp đỡ, định hướng cho người cần giúp.
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Brandon Hall School has been such a pleasure to have serve at the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House over the past few years. The kids are always so respectful when they come to serve. Kristen does a great job leading them in serving delicious meals for our families!
Students and staff from Brandon Hall have been excellent volunteers and leaders in service at our nonprofit. Students are intentional, compassionate community leaders and we cannot speak highly enough of the ways in which Brandon Hall encourages service, leadership and community-building.
The students at Brandon Hall are kind, diverse, and take initiative to accomplish goals. The teachers are committed to making their students and communities better. I have enjoyed every person I have interacted with from Brandon Hall.