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The teachers and administrators at Braintree High are passionate about their jobs. The classes I took were entertaining, interesting, and engaging.
There were a lot of opportunities to learn and try out clubs or activities the school provided. I think they had a good variety of electives we can choose to take.
The best part about braintree is the teachers. So many of them are dedicated to their students and job and the passion truly shows. Unfortunately, Braintree tends to be a bit racists and therefore it is evident in all of our schools. For some reason the racism is not handled properly and continues to happen. But racism is not the only problem. It seems that every group of kids that are not straight and white have a more difficult time at the school, whether it be being put in higher level classes or just feeling safe in the halls. I rate Braintree a 3/5 because it is quite academically successful, but they have a lot of work to do just like many other schools
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As a Freshman who's moved to this school, I wasn't too impressed. I'm very reserved and kids automatically pushed me out of the ability to be friends with them. And I was made fun of for my looks. I am an African American and the school was okay, but the teachers and admins are too judge-mental and I feel they do not have a high expectation for reserved, quiet, and darker toned kids. My grades weren't great because I forgot homework a lot, and my counselor noticed. So she sent home a packet of disabilities my parents were suppose to check off. I DO NOT have any mental delay, I am just quiet and they push too many hard assignments and classes out to children. Teachers 'reported' I would space out and look around the room when I was just observing posters. This school is just too judgy, my 2 month stay wasn't the best at all. Hopefully they're nice and move me to the 10th grade and don't keep me back.
I like the school counselors because they truly care about the well being of their students. Braintree has a very diverse school that embraces all cultures. Their theatre guild program allows students to enter the national thespian honors society for those who like drama club either in cast or crew. Similarly, Braintree High's chorus classes are a great break in between all the classes. I like how tolerable to faculty of the school is. When I say tolerable I mean that they really connect with the students. One time, one of our most strict housemasters allowed herself to get pied in the face during one of our spirit week rallies. My experience at Braintree High allowed me to discover my passion for biology. I love working on the labs and having the experiences that real-life pathologists do except we dissect animals instead of human tissues. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves and are supported wholeheartedly by their teachers.
the school is gross and old. there are lots of different levels you can take blah blah blah i need to fill up words
Overall, the school has its pros and cons but the school has provided me with tools for the future. I would also like the place to be remodeled so that we can use the bathrooms safely without fear of it exploding.
My experience was pretty swag here at BHS. Everyday I was welcomed into a exhilarating atmosphere and people who cared. I just wish these 4 years here could go by a lot slower.
It is a pretty average high school. I recommend not to drink from any of the water fountains. The athletic program is really good but we still have a horrible football team. It doesn't have a diverse community. The bathrooms are always filled with druggies. Lunch is like every other public school, not super good, kind of dry, but edible.
It is an amazing school that definitely prepares you for college. There are so many different AP classes available to students, and the teachers are all highly educated and experienced.
I love the school pride for athletics and clubs. Most teachers love their jobs and really care about their students.
They promoted diversity and such, but it is still a long way from the full-on inclusive experience that it offers. Similar to any other high school there are groups with cliques and such. The administration did not handle matters in a preferable manner, I did not agree to their methods.
As a new kid attending this school I had high expectations for the staff and overall population. Instead I was greeted with harshness and a coldness I had not experienced at my old high school. It seems as if all the life and joy has been sucked out of the students and teachers. The staffs goals are not full of good intentions and only want kids to leave rather than succeed. If you have other options for high schools I highly encourage another education source. The school is old and falling apart, the ceilings randomly drip odd rusty liquids in the middle of some classes. The arts department is barely funded and the schools only major priority is sports. It seems like more students struggle and are left frustrated at the end of the day then helped. I repeat, do NOT attend if you aren't mentally stable or ready to left on your own when it comes to education or support.
Overall, Braintree High School is a great school. It is especially great due to its great academics and emphasis on getting involved. Another aspect of the school is METCO which has added diversity to our school and made it feel more inclusive. Above everything, the students and teachers are very nice and helpful. One complaint I'd have is that the school is very old and feels unsafe to be in. Students and parents have concerns about the sanitation and overall health there. Besides that, it is a great school I feel grateful to go to.
Braintree High is a very unique school to say the least. It's rather old, but is still a pretty well round place. The school prides itself in educational excellence giving students the best opportunities possible. Based through my experience however, the school holds some flaws. First being a problem with my junior year history teacher. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't seem to do well in his class. Soon enough, I come to find out that many students who have him as their teacher are also frustrated. Despite how many times I went to him for help, his tests were far too difficult and his classes caused a great deal of anxiety. Even my parents were fed up with him and did everything in there power to help my situation. But by the end of the year, I still averaged a C in his class. Needless to say I wasn't happy about it. Of course, as I said earlier, the school was very old, so sometimes we would find ourselves out of power, or seeing water coming from the ceiling.
Braintree High, as far as resources was nice. Also, the location felt safe.
The lack of diversity was a problem for me and also the segregation within the BHS students felt unnatural to me.
There is no true leadership at this school. The administration is afraid to address issues of racism among other issues. The administration engages in rhetoric, but doesn't actually take meaningful action on their own initiative to address issues. The teachers, however, are fabulous, accessible, and committed.
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I loved Braintree High’s preschool program it was fantastic!!! Most of the teacher are great! The only problem was the conditions of the building.
Braintree High School provided me the excellent place for study.
Its academics is very good, and the teachers are all knowledgeable.
The counselor is willing to provide the support for searching and applying college.
However, the sports facilities are not sufficient, and the food is poor.
Finally, I like my school.
The academics at Braintree High School were very good. However, the facility is in very poor condition.
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