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I like how when you enter the doors at Bradley high school you feel like you have known everyone your whole life! I would like to see the lunch food change or the favoritism with the teachers.
Being a student a Bradley High school from the begging of my high school career, I can not imagine attending anywhere else. All thought, we lack in some sports and other activities because we are a small school. My fellow students and I are taught everything we need to know. Having a nice atmosphere around school is very important and we as students and faculty hold that. It is rare to go to school where everyone gets along and are comfortable with each other. Luckily, for me I get to attended the school that does it the best. I hold this school on a high stander, just wish it was a bit bigger and more activities were available.
It is a good school with a lot of very good teachers. The staff is strict and straight to the point with the kids, and it is very helpful in a learning environment
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Bradley High School is pretty awesome. There is a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and the teacher will do just about anything to help a student in need. I would not change a thing about Bradley High School.
My experience has been good because of my friends, However; I would like to see a change for sure. Some of the faculty have been known to play favorites.
I have attended Bradley High School my whole life and I am proud to say that I have had the best experience. Bradley has given me the opportunity to get a jump start on college classes and thanks to that, I will begin college as a sophomore. Bradley is small and does not offer a big variety of sports like bigger schools do but I am very lucky to be graduating from Bradley High School in May of 2020.
I like the teachers were active in our life and pushed us to our full potential. I think they could use more extra curricular activities, along with better study options to pass state exams for the students.
Great school, just small and lacking a lot of resources that could really benefit students who would like to further their education.
Great school out in the country, its location helps keep away from dangerous people. The improvements that could be made is a better use of the money that they receive, more could go into food and education standards.
Everyone knew each other so you always had someone to help you with something or make you laugh when you're having a bad day. We were one big community all willing to help one another.
Bradley High strives for excellence by putting each student in position to succeed. The teacher are very helpful and always makes time to help students in need by having one on one sessions or going to their homes. Bradley High is the type of school that doesn't just prepare you for high school graduation, instead, it goes the extra mile by preparing you for college and life after school.
One thing about Bradley is there are many different classes you can take. Most of the good classes are online though. Its in a small town and there is not much to do.
I love Bradley High School. It is a small 1A school with as little as 15 people to a grade. I'm more than proud that I got to grow up in a school so dear to me. Everybody knows everybody and that's just the way that I like it. I would persuade everyone to send their children here. It is a well rounded and all together great school with a friendly environment. All of the teachers as well as the students are friendly. The only thing about Bradley High School is the number of sports they offer. The sports that we have is softball, baseball, and basketball. If I could change one thing about this school, that would be it.
Bradley High School is a great school. The faculty is very helpful. They all contribute to your success. The school has a wonderful learning environment.
It was hard at first adjusting to a small school. But after that you get to know everyone and they are friendly. It really feels like one big extended family at a school. The teachers and staff are great at their jobs and are eager help the students succeed.
The after school activities are generally a blow out. Nobody comes to meetings and the only reason they sign up for the club is a picture in the year book.
I had a lot of fun. I was not bullied at this school.
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The teachers are not very good at helping students learn what they need to learn. Instead they talk about whatever they feel like that day.
I wouldn't pick this school to go to because the teachers aren't working as hard and they should be for us to get our education.
The teachers Do not slow down for kids that don't get the lesson as quickly as some kids, it really hard for me to keep up when they wont slow down no everybody learns the same way.
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