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Bradford Christian Academy is an academic, student-focused school. It is a safe place to be challenged in your academics as well as your faith.
Bradford Christian Academy has been a wonderful environment for my children to thrive and flourish. The faculty and staff are competent and caring. The school holds a high standard for academics and the arts. The community is diverse and unified.
BCA truly prepared me with the confidence and tools to reach for college. Before BCA, I never considered college a possibility. However, after going to school there from 7th-12th, I was given a diverse set of opportunities to grow into myself and establish my skills to purposefully enter the world after high school.
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My time with Bradford Christian Academy was the most challenging experience I have had. I am not sure how I would have been prepared for college if I did not attend Bradford Christian Academy. Before attending this school, I had struggled with time management, and I am very thankful I could learn this skill before entering a rigorous college environment. The teachers are very passionate about what they teach, and they value in-class discussions that encourage students to think deeper about various topics. I am very pleased to have been offered the opportunity to be involved in sports such as basketball and cross country, which has helped me both manage my time and enjoy BCA. I am very impressed with the school's fine arts department, which has helped me improve my singing and acting skills.
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Students play in the gym, have lunch in the gym. A lot of international students get stuck in there.
Bradford Christian Academy is a very easy school to get acclimated to, especially for a transfer student. I also like that the class schedule offers a lot of variety in choosing classes. It offers classes that are not readily available at others schools such as Visual Basics, Forensics, and Foundations to Life. Christian values are infused into every class and are very appropriate to today's changing world. The teaching and administrative staff understand the individual needs of every student and work tirelessly to make sure that each student is living up to their potential and finding new challenges. My expectations have far exceeded what I had always expected a high school experience to be so there isn't anything I would like to change, particularly since the small community feel is very comforting and welcoming. However, I do hope that there is a BCA alumni program in place after graduation as a way to stay connected to the school and find out what everyone is doing in their lives.
I have been a student at Bradford Christian Academy for 7 years, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. The teachers are knowledgeable, kind, and dedicated, and the environment at BCA is very family-like. Thanks to BCA I have gotten the opportunity to play many sports, make lifelong friends, prepare for college, and grow in my faith. I love this school, and am so thankful that I have been apart of Bradford Christian for so long. I hope and pray that many others will have the privelage of attending this wonderful school.
School has a couple of great teachers- the rest are childish and get into conflicts with students to show authority. Too much homework. Focus seems to be on building a basketball program. Has a revolving door of athletic kids from low income neighborhoods that cheat or get tutored to make their grades. Discipline for worse offenders is overlooked and too many chances given. Lots of rules that not many follow or enforce.
Excellent academics, and offers a wide variety of strong programs for a Christian school, especially in science. However, the school shows extreme favoritism in regards to disciplinary actions, and faculty are willing to make plenty of exceptions for those they prefer over those they don't. However, despite these major flaws, the school does have a relatively positive environment, and it's more challenging courses are easy comparable to the majority of colleges.
The school is always kept very clean and we have campus security 24/7.
All the extracurricular activities at the school have a very large number of student involved with the activities.
The academics at this school are absolutely amazing and you cannot compare them to any other, but the school tends to be very strict on all of their rules.
All teachers actually care about the students and genuinely want each and everyone of the students to succeed. They are always available for help, and are also there for not only school problems but personal problems outside of school. They actually care about all of the students.
They're always willing to help. They really genuinely care about the students who come to them.
There's not that many sports to choose from.
We have no school nurse, but we have a great counselor. One kid last year started a small fire in the bathroom and was suspended, but the school doesn't check anyone for knives, lighters, or any other kind of weapon.
I like the teachers and academics and the fact that it's a small school, but I dislike how there's so many cliques. Also, many students are not open minded and tend to be hostile to different opinions.
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All of the teachers care about their students as if we were their children. They not only teach their respective subjects but offer advice and a listening ear to everyone. The teachers are extremely smart and challenge us a lot, especially those teaching AP subjects. They are also great at being flexible with a student's current situation. I was having a medical crisis and my teachers gave me extra time to finish assignments.
Teachers care about their students, but it's not just about the warm fuzzies. It's about the time, enegy & effort the teachers put in to their classes and the curriculum. Love that they challenge the kids in offering Latin in grades 5 & 6. Love that they offer challenging projects in calculating the GDP of foreign countries in Grade 6. Love that the kids are taken on the most interesting class trips (ranging from touring Boston historical landmarks to Robert Frost Farm, to MIT, Washington DC, to trips to foreign lands to help the poor). Love that they have such strong Math teachers, excellent Science programs. Love that they encourage and are receptive to parent ideas and participation in school events. Very happy with our choice of going to BCA. Would not change that decision for the world.
Bradford Christian Academy has some of the most challenging academics in the area. I switched into the school from public school, thinking that a small high school would be easy but this school continues to challenge my intellect every day.
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