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I attended Bradford for middle school up until the end of my 10th grade year. I enjoyed it but its a small campus and I outgrew it.
Bradford Academy is NOT! worth rating!!! . . . the streets is better than Bradford Academy! . . . so what do that tell you?
Bradford Academy my freshman year was the best. As I became a sophomore it started to crumble. Teachers were leaving, lessons were not being taught. My junior year is absolutely HORRIBLE. I the first trimester I had a sub for math and science class which are core subjects for three months. Not to mention there were more fights this year since I have been going here in 9th grade
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Bradford is a great place to find family and friends that will last a lifetime, but it isn’t somewhere that pushes for academic success.
The good thing about Bradford is they have a lot of prep rallies and assembly schedules. The bad things are the teachers, the food, clubs and activities. The teachers don’t show the students that they care about us. The food is not good nor is it healthy. They don’t allow students to sell anything so a lot of people go through the school day hungry. There are fights at least one a week. Bradford overall is not a good school
Bradford is a great school. It filters your focus and makes sure you have tons of credits to graduate. They believe that it is impossible to leave a student behind. Bradford is filled with minorities due to its location.
I am currently attending Bradford academy and I’ve been here for quite some time actually. This school has always been great we’ve had some great teachers and some not so great teachers. But Bradford has always had our best at heart and tried their hardest to instill all these great various qualities in us that we can use in our future lives
Bradford Academy is an okay school. It has its ups and downs. It is convenient for parents with students a t multiple grade levels. The school needs to understand some students do not respond well to authority and it causes students to lash out.
Bradford Academy is an amazing school overall. It's almost like one big family. I have participated in all 5th honors classes at Bradford since I've began going there and it absolutely helps me prepare for after graduation. Bradford Staff (teacher and admin.)work hard to help us graduate and become the best of the best. The National Honors Society at Bradford Academy is an outstanding program to participate in and it will definitely draw a lot of attention from colleges.
I have attended Bradford Academy High School for four years now, this is my senior year. I've also attended Bradford Academy's middle school for two years. Bradford Academy High School is a great School when it comes to meeting friends and learning how to become an adult, but unfortunately the school does not help with college readiness. Basic college guidance and counseling for juniors and seniors aren't given to the students until the very last minute. Most students, like myself, have taken things into our own hands without any knowledge about college. If there was something I could change about Bradford Academy, it would most definitely be the involvement of staff helping students with college.
BA was an awesome school I was I would've gone from 9th grade. Everyone was so nice and caring and kind.
It's not that bad of a school, I just wish we have better teachers and that we have other opportunities as students.
I like how my school tries to get things done in the best way, because everyone isn't perfect but they do make and put in an acceptable effort. What I don't like about my school is that they always seem to try to get things done at the last minute and it brings a lot of pressure on the students.
I loved the staff of the school. Also the couselors build great relationships with their students. I have had a great experience at Bradford. They really push you to do your absolute best and nothing less there. They help you with any and everything you may need and then some. I love the school!
From what I know its okay.
From what I've seen their pretty involved.
The majority of the teachers were push overs so the students kind of did whatever and wasn't really learning anything like they were supposed to. Other teachers knew how to keep their class under control and didn't play around so the whole class could learn. Those were also the ones that you could really go to, and who cared for you.
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Some of the teachers there were there when you needed them academically and personally, while others were just there to teach.
We don't have a nurse. Security is good
Not much to choose from
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