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I like that the school is very well funded so we have the materials that we need to succeed. I wish that the school would fund the other sports as much as they focus on soccer and basketball.
Bozeman High School generally provided me with good education. There are plenty of AP classes to choose from, and a wide variety of electives as well. In addition, the building itself, while dated, is receiving a number of renovations, including a new wing and auditorium. The sports infrastructure is very nice as well. One thing I would change about BHS is the student voice. I feel like many kids don't even know who their student council rep is. Overall, my high school experience was a positive one due to class options, a nice campus, and more flexibility as you become an upper class man.
For me my time at this school has been pretty good. I think that the atmosphere is great, there's a lot of school spirit and a strong community feeling. I did also find that the teachers were great, and a lot of the student body was as well! However, I noticed that sports were held to a higher standard than the actual academics side of the schooling; but it wasn't so extreme that it took away from the educational side of things. Overall, I had a nice time at this school.
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I think overall we have very good teachers who for the most part really enjoy teaching and connecting with students. We offer lots of advanced courses and compared with the rest of the country we have a very good pss rate on AP tests. I think our school also does a good job of being accepting of everyone, and I’ve never seen anyone get bullied at our school
This is an average school, but there are some really fantastic teachers. Also, the entire building has recently been updated!
Bozeman High School is a great school as it offers a multitude of electives varying in intensity and experience level. Among the many classes offered at BHS there are also many A.P. Classes
I love Bozeman High School! I am currently a senior there and have been going there since my freshman year. The teachers are so sweet and the education is really amazing!
I loved BHS! It was a little overcrowded, but now that there are two schools that shouldn't be a problem anymore. People were kind, there was a good variety of classes, and the campus is lovely.
I didn't realize just how great the education I received at Bozeman High School was until my first semester in college. I was comfortable and thriving in a prestigious collegiate environment thanks to BHS. The teachers are fantastic, and prepared me well for college and beyond! The academic programs include plenty of AP and honors courses, and extracurriculars are well maintained.
Bozeman High School is a not inclusive place to attend. Many students are disregarded as the school board puts the vast majority of its focus on fostering sports teams and gathering renown. Many students are marginalized and ignored by administrators and teachers alike and students that are not naturally exceptional and loud are overlooked. This created a hostile environment where cliques and bullying thrived.
Bozeman High school is an overall very good institution. Its academics are good and the general school atmosphere is cheerful. Its a good high school for anyone to attend, that only noticeable problem about the school is its white-dominated student body.
Bozeman High School has become anti-Christian, even shutting down the Fellowship of Christian Athletes club. The teachers are clueless about relationships with the students, as they don't trust the kids. Additionally, they don't address students who come to school high.
I loved Bozeman High, the teachers are dedicated and passionate, the curriculum is challenging, the sports are competitive, and the town itself is modern. When I attended Bozeman High, it was very overpopulated, but that made my experience unique, it just seems normal once you are used to it and it is fun at times. So many students means lots of opportunities for friends. All my teachers were great, they all care and show it.
This is a great High School with quality staff. There are many higher and lower level classes for each department. The teahers are great and there is a great process for students who need help with tutor, College and Career center, and many other systems put in place to insure students recive all the help they need in regards to anything!
I loved the people that I surrounded myself with. I also found a few really amazing teachers that have inspired me and helped me navigate all sorts of challenges, and who have celebrated my successes with me. I wish BHS was a more inclusive place, I felt fairly iced out more than once, and I felt as though a number of teachers did not care so much about students as they did about ensuring we learned material.
Its great, for such a large high school (2500 students this year) the staff and faculty have done a fantastic job of allowing for students to thrive.
Bozeman high has numerous offered classes, so all students have a chance to pursue their goals and gain readiness for their desired career path. The building is patched together, but will soon be remodeled. Good parking, location, and academics.
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I loved Bozeman High School because of the inclusivity and home-like feeling I received while attending this school. Our assemblies were a great time for us to come together and get connected on a deeper level. Team building was something that is heavily focused on within Bozeman School District. The staff at Bozeman High School are some of the greatest people I have ever come in touch with.
Bozeman High School has been a great place to learn and grow. I am interested in a medical career, Bozeman high has offered many classes and opportunities to get a head start. For example We have a biomedical science program at Bozeman High that has been extremely beneficial, another program that has helped me greatly is a club called HOSA. This club provides students with opportunities to get involved outside the classroom. One of my favorite times in high school is in the spring during tennis season.I have grown so much as an athlete and as a person who is about to enter the adult world. Overall I have loved my time at Bozeman High School.
Bozeman High School is dedicated to directing their students on a path that is right for them regarding their future and their interests as well. There is a vast amount of resources, such as the counseling department and the college and career center which makes it easier for students to get guidance on scholarships, college information, and other academic related things.
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