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It's a small school but everyone knows each other,and you get more one on one with the teachers. And Boyd high school is pretty chill, and I love being there every day.
Love my school! The teachers care about the students. You are not just a number at Boyd High School. The students are kind to each other and support one another. There are many different clubs to join and everyone is accepted for who they are. Parents are welcome in school and are involved in all areas. Dr. Foster the principal knows every student's name and works hard to build relationships with the students. The entire community comes together for the school district.
I have been a Boyd student my whole life. Overall, the high school has had a poor track record when talking about keeping a vice principle. There have been quite a few teachers who have vacated their positions in the school due to some poor treatment. As a student, it is apparent that Boyd High School should put more time and energy into equal treatment towards all organizations instead of placing athletics in the forefront. The school should, especially, make its academics more of a priority. However, I like the small town environment and the sense of community that Boyd High School displays.
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Everything about this school is backwards. You don't learn anything real, you just get taught the bare minimum to try and pass a standardized test. If you aren't a jerk to people or aren't a sports star you get treated like crap. All the good teachers have been run out of town by the awful administration, other staff members and awfully low pay. 10/10 don't recommend taking your kid here.
I would like to see the hands on learning improve and things seniors can do.
I liked boyd high school because it was a smaller school and not a lot of kids in my class. That way you knew everyone and the whole class was close to eachtoher.
I love Boyd High School a lot! The people are very nice and always eager to help others. I want my future kids to go to Boyd when I get older. It is such a great school to learn at.
This school is nothing below or above average. Mediocre. The students do not care about their school very much, and the most of the teachers could care less about education. They do not strive for college preparedness, and because of that, I was unable to qualify for an early admissions all because they neglected to send my transcript to the school of my choice.
Boyd is a very basic, undiversified school. Though academia is fairly good there, much else is. Much of the town and district focuses on sports, mainly football. Regardless of the capability of the team, most of the funding is put into the football team. However, many of the teachers are pretty helpful and friendly.
Boyd High School is one of the school in Texas that you shouldn't mess with. They very good at any sports, such as cross country, basketball, and volleyball.
I would choose to go to a different school if I had been given the opportunity, only a select few of the teachers really care about teaching
The younger teachers don't really take control
There are many extracurricular activities, mostly sports. The sports from this small town are a big thing. Most everyone in the community is supporting, so it is not just something for the students but also for the alumni.
Our school gets our parents very involved, even if it is the small things. The faculty involves the parents in a way that not many schools would.
The teachers at this school are very invested in not only the time that they spend but the students that are attending the classes. They always make time for students even if it is outside of school hours.
There is hardly ever a school nurse there and security is low.
People are so rude, i could go on about this all day long. We need to be more friendly, and not just care about the people in sports!
Some of the teachers are just horriable!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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There are no clubs or fun activities in our school
They are okay, but i feel like alot of our teachers dont actually teach and that they dont really care
It's not a bad school, but if you're not in any sports, it's pretty boring.
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