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Considering Common Core, which we can't get around. The poor Kindergarteners, though, get more homework than the 1st graders and not enough play time - they still have a 1/2 day program so they have to cram everything in somehow.
It's a typical school building. No A/C so everyone is sweltering in the warmer months. I can't say I've ever been in some rooms, like the library or science labs.
I haven't encountered a lot of them, as our children are still young, but there is one teacher that I wouldn't recommend.
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I don't have complaints. Also I'm happy with weekly peer groups that the social worker holds to work on things like social skills.
This is an elementary school, so there aren't the facilities and teams as are at higher level schools. I feel there is still a higher than average amount of school spirit though. I feel there does have to be a higher emphasis on recess and play.
I know there's a great music program. I don't have much personal knowledge of all the students clubs/organizations, though, because I guess our children are too young to join them (K and 1st).
No complaints. If anything the school nurse errs on calling over some minuscule things, but I understand if they have to have their backs covered.
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