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Great administration. For a small
school, the academic opportunities are big. The staff is personal. Many clubs and extracurricular activities to get involved in. Would be good to have more AP classes.
Bowdon high school is very accepting. Although the academics are not as great as bigger schools, AP and honors courses are still provided.
While it is a small school it offers many opportunities to brighten anyone's future as well as give back to the community! I would not have wanted to go to any other school.
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I love that Bowdon is a tight knit community and people support the school so well. However Kids who don't play athletics feel really left out because it's almost like no one cares about the rest of us.
Bowdon High School has some great teachers and the administration staff is wonderful. It is a small school and everyone is willing to help each other. I would like to have had more AP class choices offered.
Bowdon High is a small school that provides big opportunities to the students. With less than 500 students, everyone truly knows your name and cares about your success.
Overall, I had an average experience at BHS. I would consider BHS to be a place where people felt safe. There were hardly any issues with violence or threats being made to the school, unlike other schools near us. The teachers were excellent teachers, although some teachers were more tuned into the kids than others.
Everyone is so sweet and all the teachers want the best for us. They never want to see the students upset or depressed, so they always go out of their way to help us.
I would like to see the willingness of the teachers to help out student's more as far as learning processes go. Everyone learns differently and I feel like some of the teachers are not willing to spend time on a student individually.
Other than the students, the school is fantastic. The teachers care about educating their students and push students to achieve.
The education is okay. I feel that the educators could be less biased on the popularity and relations scale. I also feel that athletes and band members should have the same advantage in school as every other student. One major thing in my opinion would be the counseling in the school. The counselor is very biased as well. I personally needed counseling help at some point in my high school career and was not entirely satisfied with the results.
I like how involved the community is involved with the school and vice versa. As a school system we do things that i think are quite nice. For example , every christmas our Art class goes to local small businesses in town and paints the windows. The schools Hon. Spanish 4 class goes to the elementary school and teaches the kids basic Spanish. The community is involved with the school. Every year for the main football game theres a bonfire as a "warming up" for football players. Its a pretty close communituy. I also like that Bowdon does hold on to a fee traditions. Something I would like to see change is for the school to acknowledge serious problems. For example, most schoolshold some kind of bullying assemply or mental health assembly. In all 4 years that I have been here we have only had one person talk to us about mental health. I think its a serious issue among teens and should be adressed.
If you love teachers that work one-on-one with you, this is the place to be. Bowdon High School was one of the best schools I have ever attended too. The teachers there love and really care about where you are going in life. They also care about you getting ready for your first steps into college. They understand that college will be hard and will be stressful, however, they will comfort you and will also make sure that you are ahead of the game. The experience that you will experience here are one of the best and you will treasure them forever. There are marks that you will leave behind on every teacher and student, and they will remember you forever.
i was an exchange student in bowdon high school and it was an amazing experience, the teachers where so nice and i met a lot of people and made really true friends for life!!!!
Bowdon high school is a great school. Most of the teachers are good at their jobs. I really like that the school is small that way everyone knows each other.I also like that the school is really involved with the community and does a ton of volunteer work like retired teachers thamisgiving lunch and joy prom, which is prom for special needs kids.
I transferred to Bowdon High School in the second semester of my senior year. Although I have not been a part of this high school for long, Bowdon has become my home and the people have become family. What I love most about Bowdon is the readily available and plentiful opportunities I have been offered, even so late in my high school career. Another wonderful thing about Bowdon is the willingness and genuine interest of the faculty towards their students. Here, I have been able to develop deep and personal relationships with every member and acquire a sense of belonging and security. The only thing I wish to see changed in my school is the ability to take college courses in a college classroom rather than online learning.
Overall Bowdon is a great community. The teachers care about what you do in high school. They want you to be the best you can be. The only suggestion that I would make is in the food department. There has to be a way for the food to be both good and healthy for you. What they give you now is cardboard.
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The office lady is very rude and disrespectful to everyone.
A few teachers are engaging and do fun activities to keep their students interested.
There are many people who think differently, this school has plenty of diversity.
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