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Boulan Park Middle School Reviews

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This school is absolutely amazing. The positive environment and supportive teachers/staff make Boulan a school that truly stands out. BPMS, along with the other schools in this district, are extremely diverse. They also have a wide range of clubs. Whether you enjoy public speaking, sciences, or sports, you will find an extracurricular you like. Bullying is not a problem at Boulan, as far as i know. The kids are usually extremely supportive, inclusive, and friendly. If you send you're kids here, they are bound to have a great time. I totally recommend Boulan Park Middle School!
This school have became Blue Ribbon once more! So proud of this school that my kid goes here! Both Students and Teachers are serious about studies and take interest!
They are the best! They give students space to make their own choices, which teaches them responsibility. It’s a 0 bullying school and everyone is friendly with each other. They also care about student health, and for all these reasons I am very pleased.
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Boulan was so fun and i learned so much! i made so many good friends and the teachers were very helpful with assisting me in my learning. I loved art and ceramic classes with Miss Typinski because making things always cheered me up. if there was one thing i would change about Boulan, it would probably be the food in the cafeteria. The food options were not very healthy and they were always full of oil and salt and they didn't even taste very good to be honest but i loved everything else!
This school and Troy High School have the best academics not only in troy but also in the surrounding townships. Needless to say, Baker needs improvement, as you can tell from the review above.
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