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Boston Preparatory Charter Public School Reviews

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Being a Senior that’s bout to graduate, Boston Prepatory is a school that is truly invested in their students and lives by their mantra and virtues.
Boston Prep is a public charter school that is devoted to a mission of college success and lifelong ethical growth for its students. Its faculty members believe deeply in the mission, and work very hard to ensure that their students will have good opportunities in life.
As a special educator, I am proud to be part of a team that not only ensures that mandated guidelines are met, but strives to improve their professional teaching practice. I’m proud to be a part of a school that pursues excellence in teaching.
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I am in my 11th year teaching and my 4th year teaching full-time at Boston Prep. I have found Boston Prep to be an exceptional place to work. Leadership is innovative, compassionate, and hard-working. Staff is dedicated to helping students above all and work tirelessly to do so. The building is beautiful. Best of all, the students are creative, bright, and many of very high-achieving. This is not to say that the work is easy because it definitely is not. Closing the achievement gap is, indeed, very challenging work but I cannot say enough good things about how hard everyone at Boston Prep is trying to do that. No work place is perfect but every single day, I am grateful to work at Boston Prep, including now, when we are remote-teaching and learning. In fact, the COVID-19 crisis has exemplified the innovation, compassion, and dedication of Boston Prep's teachers, students, and leadership.
Boston prep has gone down hill. It is not the same as the past 3-4 years. It has turned into a stereotypical inner city school, where there are fights every other week. It had gotten to the point where parents attack the students and most of the faculty had just watched this student get beat up. The student culture had been driven into the ground by a militaristic style of schooling where academics are beaten into the students head to the point where many have dropped out , left the school or developed depression. The threshold of an 85 gpa was embedded into students mind, that is being used as a weapon where students who can not excel at this level but put in good effort are deemed insignificant. Community meeting was a joyful symbol of uniformity however this year it is viewed as a joke and a waste of students time due to the Sargent like staff and lack of student expression.Students at this school at very bright and deserve a better environment
Boston prep was a good school academically, and support wise, however it lacked pride and student life.
I had such a great time there, it was like a second home to me. However things can get pretty rocky but we all got through it.
I love the community of the school. Because its not that big of a school everyone knows everyone, its like a cute little family. however the school lacks in culture.
I believe that at Boston Prep, in terms of academics, is very good. Me being a senior there, I know that they are very helpful in the college process and I believe that the academics that is provided at Boston Pre is preparing me for college. However, I believe that everything else is bad. The lunch is very terrible. Clubs and sports don't get a lot of money. Boston prep isn't even paying for my senior prom. Although the academics is good, everything else that is happening at Boston Prep is bad.
The school has a longer day and longer school year and the teachers work really hard to make sure all students are ready for college. The school expects a lot from teachers and students but there is also support for anyone who needs it.
I have worked at this school for a number of years and have had a great experience. I find the mission of the school inspiring - we are all working to help provide students access to four year colleges and grow ethically.
DO NOT WORK HERE, I REPEAT DO NOT WORK HERE. Admin is terrible, Sharon is running this school to the ground. You will not be happy here, teachers gossip more than the students
Military style. Insane amounts of unnecessary homework- 4 to 5 hours PER night.
No actual gymnasium, why would you want to play sports here?
Overall, I would say that this school is okay. Although it stresses the students out till the point they want to cry and give up, they motivate the students to keep on trying so they can be successful.
There are rules that you and your parents will feel are a bit much and unfair between higher authority and students. But all alumni will say that this school helped them with their academics in college.
My school has won a few championships. Its fun going to the games and seeing the support of families as well.
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Food will look oily, pink meat, absolutely unedible.
Cant really say much because I have never participate in any after school activities.
Some really want to see students become successful. Others just do what they are required and that is it.
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