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Boston Latin School lives up to its prestigious status. The school is very challenging, but pushes students to do well, and encourages them to graduate with plans of attending a four year college. I believe 99% of students go on to do this.
Racist and pest-infested. Seriously, so many mice, cockroaches, and n-words from both students and teachers. And then there's the bigotry against everybody else which is the more subtle, insidious kind.
Boston Latin School is a school filled with ambitious and hard working students. An amazing school filled with hard working and caring teachers. Each teacher's goal is to not only help their students academically, but also personally. Faculty-student relationships are what keep the school going and without it the school would be nothing.
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Boston Latin WILL prepare you for college for sure. Very rigorous. High-school teachers are excellent but they will make you work hard. It will all pay off at the end. Building is old.
The school is an good school educational wise but if you aren't white you are most likely not going to feel wanted by others around you from the lack of diversity and the help from teachers.
Its a challenging curriculum and high expectations of students. Issues of entitlement and race. Not enough time to eat lunch.
There a multitude of reason as to why Boston Latin School is enjoyable. One of the primary reasons is that the academics on their own are all rigorous, on top of that, there is a variety of classes that one can take and the level of a course can vary as well, thus providing all of their students with a tailored course of study that manages to instill the necessary tools to survive in today's society, yet allows enough fluidity for the students to pursue what they desire, while learning the school. Furthermore, the culture is primarily molded by the students themselves and they have succeeded in making one in which people always can find their "crowd" and are fitted into the body of the school as a whole. One thing that I would suggest changing in the school is to have a greater acceptance of new ideas, for the people there struggle accepting ideas that do not pertain to their own, thus creating a feeling of exclusion within the overall community, but there is hope for change.
Boston Latin School, or more commonly referred to as BLS between the students, is an exceptional public institution. Starting from 6th grade to 12th, students are forced to excel academically in a highly competitive social environment, where your friends are your greatest asset, but also your greatest competition. On top of 2-3 hours of homework per night, which usually entails at least an overarching project, memorizing a public declamation piece by an esteemed author, and an ongoing research paper, students are encouraged to pursue one of the many extracurricular programs offered by the school. BLS prioritizes the visual and performing arts so much so that it would be nearly a sin not to indulge oneself in chorus, painting, studio arts, or musical theater. Most high schools fund the football stadiums or concession stands, but BLS stands higher, located in the city and consuming only half a block, the school focuses on learning and personal skills above all else.
Boston Latin School has given me an amazing education and has connected me with both inspirational students and thoughtful teachers. Although my experience has been rigorous and tiring, I could not have asked for more.
It is a great school academically. It has lots of opportunities for clubs, sports, arts, and more. It should be more diverse.
Overall great exam school in the boston public schools which is focused on academics. I enjoyed the teachers and the curriculum. It's great to say you went to the first school in the nation.
Overall BLS was a great experience. I was lucky enough to have almost all great teachers. The rigor of the work feels like it would prepare us for college and it's great that we all support each other. The school isn't very diverse and doesn't have a good system to help mental health. There is also racism and sexism that isn't always addressed.
Boston Latin School is one of the best schools in the country. I am currently a junior at Boston Latin School and I feel like I am very prepared for college. It is a very rigorous curriculum and helps to show if you would be able to handle the pressures of college or not.
Boston Latin School is one of the best schools in Massachusetts, especially if you want your son/daughter to be successful in college. The environment of the school is very comfortable because it is easy to make friends. The community is very dependent on each other, the teachers want to you to be successful in college. Athletics are pretty ok, the football and basketball teams play in a Division 4 level. There is a really good support system, and you get to choose what class you want to have in the last 3 years after finishing becoming a freshman.
This school is not like any other school. We receive opportunities that no normal public school does. We also receive funding from our alumni association that brings us programs such as the theater, arts, music, sports, and clubs activities. This school college preparatory program is definitly prepare students for college.
Overall, my experience was very good. Although it was extremely stressful and rigorous, the school prepared me for college, and provided valuable resources and mentors.
Good experience, there are some good teachers. I recommend getting involved in many things like clubs or sports.
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Boston Latin School, if anything, has taught me grit. Looking back as a now senior, I regret not applying myself as much as possible in earlier years, and I've learned to see and understand that you seriously cannot get anywhere without genuine hard work. The teachers have pushed me beyond my limits sometimes, and Latin is a ridiculously difficult language, but the sense of community I gained from that mutual suffering is irreplaceable. As stressed as I was and as much as I complained, I know that I'd give a lot if I could just have those last couple of months of senior year. Don't take high school for granted!
Boston Latin School is excellent in terms of academics and staff. The teachers, counselors, and other faculty are amazing. However, there is a toxic atmosphere of competition and achievement. The school and the reputation that comes with it is unlike any other in the area, but it certainly isn't for everyone.
My time at Boston Latin School has been very good. They dedicate their time to focus on academics and will help with college readiness. They provide a great amount of resources.
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