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BLA is an amazing community filled with a diverse group of students ready to learn. It feels as if every teacher wants the best for their students. It is truly a community I enjoy being a part of.
Boston Latin Academy prepares 7th grade - 12th grade students for college, by creating an environment full of academically hardworking students that strive to succeed. But they focus too much on the academic sometimes. I would hope to see a better program for students who want to peruse majors in the arts.
My experience at Boston Latin Academy was bittersweet. While I do feel that most of the students are bright and passionate, there were far too many apathetic students who didn't live up to expectations.

The school needs to be renovated. Of course, alumni donations are scarce (as expected). It looks very shabby and dull. The building doesn't showcase any school spirit (other than an obscure trophy wall). The food was subpar (like at any BPS school); sometimes there weren't enough lunches for all the students.

Some teachers were clearly disorganized and ill-prepared to teach subjects. There were a select few teachers who were taking classes in the subject they were teaching, which always confused me.

I mostly enjoyed the diversity of the student body. I'd say that most current students and alumni would agree that it was a highlight.

Overall, Boston Latin Academy needs to make some serious changes to make the school more competitive and profitable.
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I didn't have the best high school experience, the school is very much focused on academics only and there really is no room for extracurriculars often while in school. There are though, many student lead clubs and teachers are usually willing to help a lot.
Some teachers are nice and some teachers choose who they want help, they have overall good academics and try their best with what they have. Administration could listen to students more
Boston Latin Academy represents what many want for Boston, a melting pot of different cultures that are all able to come together and collaborate in order to succeed. As one of the most diverse schools in the country, BLA prides itself in appealing to and welcoming all people. Recently, in light of events that have taken place, Latin Academy has not done very much for their black and brown community, and their silence has not gone unnoticed. In terms of academics, Latin Academy is top tier, having the same curriculum as Boston Latin School, which is ranked as one of the top schools in the country. The students at Latin Academy are all extremely bright individuals, and the curriculum challenges all of them. BLA requires students to always work hard, but is also offers assistance to any student that need or wants it. Overall, Boston Latin Academy is a very good school, and I would recommend almost any student in Boston to go there.
I spent six years at the school and I will say that I am glad I graduated can say I survived. Academically, the school had rigorous courses and work, but it has helped me manage the work I received in college. The diversity is okay and the building itself was outdated when I was there, but it's your typical middle/ high school experience. It is not hard to find your group of people, and it is also not too hard to find the group of fake people to not hang out with.

It is not hard to be involved in this school, so you can put many things on your resume. There are many clubs, activities and sports for everyone, which is good since the school is pretty diverse.

Administration was not the best and some of the teachers were terrible and racists, but I loved the help I received when it came to scholarships and applying for jobs. The college prep was good too, really enjoyed my senior year because of all the help I received, things would've been difficult without the extra hands.
I like the different sports that are provided with the school. I would like to change the fact that they do not really listen to the words students have to say as there are many complaints in the school.
Very diverse and prepares students for college. Allows for different cultures to express themsleves.
The school is very diverse and has many clubs/events for students of different backgrounds. The teachers and students seek to create a good healthy school environment.
It can be very tense at times but for me, I just focused on my work and teachers are very helpful to guide you and help you solve problems you dot understand. This school certainly needs to be funded more because the bathrooms are mostly damaged. There was definite a lot of protest on how teachers teach during my graduate class so it did pissed off lots of students.
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Rate your overall experience with Boston Latin Academy
I have been going to Boston Latin Academy since freshman year. Overall, I think Boston Latin Academy is fine. There are lots of people to meet and it's very diverse. There's also a lot of support for students if you choose to reach out and ask for it.
I like the academics of Boston Latin Academy because it prepares students for college. But, it could use improvement in the more clubs they have to offer.
It’s ok. Just a very old building. More diversity, Even though it’s more diverse than other school. Diversity on the teachers level. Their are some hiccups here and there but they need to be dealt with then and there.
Personally, I had an okay time at Boston Latin Academy, however I know of too many people who faced various issues at the school that could have easily been solved by the administration. The goal of the administration isn't a bad one, they (at the least) attempt to make our time at the school better, but already established systems being changed to something that works worse, probably isn't the best course of action.
For what is considered an exam school, there are a large amount of students who really don't belong in that school due to them not putting in enough effort to actually receive the education and benefits that they should out of the school. The factuality cares and some a lot more than others, but there is always the select few that make things exponentially more difficult for students and their ability to learn.
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Over the years many things have changed. Teachers were very supportive, but every year there seems to be a problem with staff and there are mostly new ones every year. It was a great learning environment and I hope it continues to be that way.
I came in as a high school freshman and was nervous about being around so many new faces, but there are so many people that you will find someone to click with. Academically it is very good since there are so many teachers who are great at there job. For a public school, education and experience are very good and would recommend if looking for free education.
I like some of the teachers but the school isn't as well funded as it should be. However, this is a district-wide issue.
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