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In my school cares about the students as a person, not a race. We have more than 36 countries in our school where you can find more than 46 different languages. The news comers program makes students learn English faster here than other schools. I have been here for 3 years and my English improved since then. Students here are never scared to speak up their minds and speak to the world.
It's a small school where you'll find many international students. Everyone brings different cultures and experience that fills up every classroom with joy and love. Students are really innocent who stays away from trouble. Teachers also respect anyone from any background.
The school is ok but only for immigrants with poor English and that wasn't me. I have to idea why I had to go to that place.
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Boston International High School is a home away from home for me. Outside of that school it a whole different experience but inside I get to express myself in whatever way I want to. The school is very diverse. The teachers care about us just like how our parents would care. They teach us everything we know starting from language to different life skills. In most schools the teachers only teach about academic stuff but in BINcA the teachers take initiative to teach us how to use computer how to create power point basically they help us in every step until they know for sure we are ready to do it by our-self. We all have a good relationship with the principle. Specially for me I feel like he is my dad i walk into his office whenever I need something and he always listens. Overall the school is a very effective school for immigrants.
One thing I want to see changed is school lunch. I stopped eating school lunch 2 years ago. It’s very disgusting to even look at it.
I love being part of the diverse community from all over the world. In BINcA , we feel like one family and the goal for us to help everyone around us.
Without Boston International High School (BINcA), I would be lost in this new country. BINcA teaches me English, help me involve in both academic and life skills. I met awesome friends and great teachers at BINcA. My best experience at Boston International is to set up Haunted House for 3 years. I and my group feel so satisfied when students "complain" that "Haunted House was so scary". We put our energy, effort, idea, and time to build up a true BINcA Haunted House for students. The purpose is not only for people enjoy Halloween, but also to influence other kids to participate in school's activities so then they will like more about our school's culture and make school better.
My name is Johana Sainma, it has been a great four years experience at Boston International high school. I have very supportive teachers and staff who devote their times to prepare me for college, future career and life readiness. There are various of programs in the school besides the subject classes that help me improve my academic grade level. I was an average grade students in my freshman year, but I became a high honor student from my sophomore year until now. My teachers always meet with my parents and discuss about my improvement academically. There are many activities for me to develop my talents and I was able to participate in model UN, Social Debate, Student Government, join the Adventure club and be part of a cape verDian creole class. This school shape me into a strong leader and a hard worker. In this school, I feel safe and welcome. Boston International brings teachers, students and families together to have a brighter future for the school and the students.
We do lack a lot of sports and activities but the few that the school provides have become very well known in the city of Boston for their great team work, hard work and success.
The school was never into any threat but we knew what we needed to know if the case of an emergency was received.
The high school I attended main focus was to provide students with the necessary resources for them to feel ready for life outside of high school. It was about developing the necessary skills and applying them to the classwork and everything outside of the classroom.
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