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I transferred to BAA my junior year and it was the first school where I could finally be myself. I was able to do something I love on top of that which is theatre. But I'm not going to lie, the school still has a lot of growing to do in terms of discipline, communication between students and admin, and equal opportunities for each major.
In four years, Boston Arts Academy has helped me find myself and I will forever be thankful for that. Most of the teachers are great at giving, not only school advise, but life advise when it is needed. They work with the students one on one to make sure concepts are clear. The student dean is always there for the students. And the students can be very supportive when we all work together.
If you like art or have an interest in art then this is the school for you. There are many type of art for people to choose. The teachers are really friendly and helpful.
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As a senior, I got to see the school change throughout many different phases. My ratings are a reflection of my perspective on the school as I am leaving it.
Boston Arts Academy to me is the best thing that I could have done in my life. This school has helped me more than anything or anyone combined, I feel that I am very ready for college and this school has shaped me to become a better artist ,scholar, and citizen. Without the school I wouldn't be in the place I am now. I feel I have grown as an artist throughout my four years of the Boston Arts Academy and I've been able and lucky to be a part of programs that are connected to the Boston Arts Academy that let me travel to Italy, and study with the most professional teachers from across the world. The Boston Arts Academy in my opinion is the greatest High School for students who are very passionate about their art and as a graduating student I could not be more happy to be graduating from an amazing School.
I'm very appreciative for my time at BAA and I learned so much over my four years. I'm grateful for the diversity and experiences it gave me. It almost became like a second home after some time as I began to grow a relationship with my peers and mentors. However I feel as though that students are loosing their passion for their art. When I first started at this school it was such a warm inclusive and equal environment. But as I got older and watched the classes come I saw a culture change and realized that people just aren't as passionate about art as they used to be.
Boston Arts Academy is the best school in the district. It is Massachusetts' only public high school for visual and performing arts. It has a very diverse student body, and is the only school that serves children from every neighbourhood in Boston.
What I love about Boston Arts Academy is the diversity. As an arts an school, I beleive that teachers should take time to acknowledge the competition kids put amongst eachother. It makes kids feel as if they are not good enough and want to stop doing their art. However, the staff is great and really seem to care about their students!
Boston Arts Academy offers a rigorous curriculum, both in terms of both artistry and academics. The school has a tight-knit community, and many of the graduates of this school, from my experience, have become very well rounded individuals in their respective communities. This, however, does not make the school perfect. For example, the school is very liberal, so any students of a differing political philosophy will likely be shunned at this school. Along with this, there are many other issues such as poor food in the cafeteria or the lack of sports programs. These issues, however, are likely not too relevant to a student who wants a rigorous arts education, and I still highly recommend the school in spite of the issues it has.
I love Boston Arts Academy. We have an individualized curriculum, and it makes it incredibly easy to learn about the art you want to pursue, and the school day is set up so we get the best mix of academic and artistic classes possible. However, our facilities are terrible. We don't have an auditorium, we barely have any classrooms on the first floor, and there isn't enough space in the cafeteria for the whole school. Most of our bathrooms don't have locking doors, and our water fountains have lead in the pipes. However, this is not the school and it is the fault of the City of Boston. The experience at Boston Arts Academy far outweighs the bad location.
It is a diverse school with great and vibrant students along with staff that cares a lot and ooze creativity.
Overall Boston Arts Academy was a really great experience. One of the reasons why I appreciate BAA is because it has taught me to view the world in a more considerate way, be more open minded and explore different ideas. I am very comfortable approaching new activities and having serious conversations about anything to anyone. Since this is an art school and my major is Theatre BAA has taught me the different aspects there is to theatre which then lead me to find my true passion; Technical design theatre.
I love my school. This school has given me love and knowledge that no amount of money could pay for. I am a well to do actress because of Boston Arts Academy. Baa truly teaches you how to be an artist,scholar, and citizen.
Most clubs and activities are student-led with the assistance and approval of teachers. There are only a few that are popular, such as Student Government, GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance), and Gamers Club. If in the music department, students can create groups or ensembles.
This school has a number of showcases and performances produced by each artistic department, giving parents the opportunity to support their children and giving students the opportunity to acquire some real world experience.
Teachers are very willing to answer student questions and help them outside of the classroom.
Boston Arts was very big on finding who you were and allowing students to choose for themselves what they wanted to pursue after college whether it was in the art world or not. They encouraged students to soar beyond any restrictions given to artist such as,

"Choose a better profession. Art will not make you any money."
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Teachers were interested in learning different methods of teaching for different students.
Bullying is not tolerated. We have an unarmed guard at the front door at all times. Overall the school is a very safe enviorment we have a nurse accessible to students and during emergencies the proper measures are taken to ensure the safety of students and alert the parents
You will not find another school like this in Boston its incredibly diverse with all different groups of people and filled with passionate students and teachers. This school has helped me grow beyond what I could've imagined it has changed me and shaped me to who I am today. I have learned so much and was able to express myself artistically and intellecutally.
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