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Take the time to really know each student and strive to meet each of their needs.
this school transformed my older son. he went from hating school and crying everyday (at North Marion) to loving school and enjoying learning. He happily does his homework and independently strives to improve. It's like night and day!
They are very in tune with their students and able to adapt to their different needs.
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My oldest son went from a school where he was disengaged, disinterested, miserable, cried in the mornings begging to stay home, refusing to to his homework. He HATED school and his grades reflected it. The communication was poor and my husband and I couldn't understand why he was struggling. After moving him to Boones Ferry, he transformed into a happy boy. He works happily works hard in school to be a good student without any intervention from my husband or I. He just enjoys school now and wants to learn. He does his homework daily without struggle and never complains about school anymore. It's simply amazing the turnaround! Thanks to Boones Ferry, school is a happy experience for my children!
The principal is the best and the reason the school is amazing. We transferring our children to Boones Ferry from North Marion and have seen a transformation in them. They went from loathing school to loving it. The principal was the first person we met when considering our transfer and within minutes knew this was a special place. You could tell how much she cared about the school and each and every student. We are constantly amazed at what our children are learning and what they are capable of and how confident they feel about themselves.
Tremendous parental involvement and fundraisers to ensure the school has funds for technology and other resources they need if there are any funding gaps. There is tremendous community support.
They offer a variety of after school actives for art, music, chess, drama, sports, gardening, nature, etc. All of it operated on a volunteer basis.
They do a great job to working with kids to teach compassion, sense of community, respect and incorporate it as a way of being rather than something you do for an external reward.
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