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Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing & Visual Arts Reviews

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A really great school. One of the best things about it are the people you meet there, students and teachers alike. Paired with the freedom to explore a certain art, you look forward to going to school. If you're looking to improve your specific art, look no further. I always found it incredible how much I've improved from freshman year. The only problem is the administration, which seems to prioritize punishing any student that takes drugs rather than students that harrass and assault others. Although, I believe many schools have that same problem-- but more anything, that just means BTWHSPVA should focus more of their attention on the matter, bringing up the administration to the high level that many of their teachers have set.
Booker T. Washington high school has been an amazing place for me to learn. I am a vocalist and was a part of the music conservatory. Most teachers really care for you and thenarts education you recieve is unlike any other. I am continuing music through college and feel ready to move forward in my art because of Booker T.
This school is extremely friendly and everyone is always willing to help you out. It is a big school, but everyone is so comfortable with each other, and the faculty makes sure everyone has an easy time fitting in. The building is always decorated with awesome work from the visual art students and the music students are always performing nice melodies for everyone. This school is definitely one of the best in the Dallas district.
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Booker T. Washington HSPVA for me was this dream school when first applying. I'm so glad I was able to spend my 3 years at such a progressive and innovative environment.
Everything has its downfalls at some point. All the teachers are supportive and welcoming, just a few individuals in administration can ruin the experience. They force and conform us to be a group of students we aren't. This school is a place for innovative and creative, while also trying to control and diminish our voice. They project how we are all their children and livelihood, not even knowing who we are as we walk by them in the hallway. They want the school to seem shiny and perfect on the outside, that all students here are like the dancers that go to Juilliard.
As a DISD school, it is way above average, as we are given many more opportunities than any other school. I won't let this random comment diminish your feelings or passion for the school, as I have thoroughly enjoyed my High School experience.
We could not be happier with BTWHSPVA. The arts programs are, of course, amazing. But, surprisingly, so are the academics. Our son has really thrived there and has definitely met his tribe. I highly recommend this school for anyone interested in pursuing the arts!!
Booker T is a wonderful place which celebrates diversity among not only its student body, but among artists. In today’s world this celebration is super valuable. The teachers are all wonderful, and many students go on to achieve great things, both artistically and academically.
If you're looking for a school where you know you NEED art, this is your place. The surroundings not only inside the school but the outside (being right in the middle of the srts district) is surreal and amazing, one word of warning, if you are not 100 percent commited to art, steer free of Book T Washington HSPVA.
Teachers are overwhelmed. Academics are poor. Teachers are not held accountable. Parents are told students need to address issues, but I feel that they take advantage of the student's inability to ineffectively address any issues they might have. Teachers do not want to deal with the parents.
Booker T. is an amazing school that is full of beautifully talented and creative people. We have almost no judgement because everyone respects uniqueness. It's amazing going here and there's no way I could follow my dreams if i went to another school.
I loved the classes I was allowed to take, as I could be immersed in my craft, I wish they were more selective on the acceptance rate. It is a super supportive environment and most of the teachers are amazing at giving feedback and support throughout the years. It is comforting to know I always have a school I can call home.
Coming up into my senior year, I can promise anyone that Booker T. Washington is an amazing, unique experience. This school shares a diverse group of students who are all passionate about their art and strive to achieve greatness.
Booker T. is a great school surrounded by the Arts District in Dallas. Booker T. allowed me to be well rounded and gain a passion for the arts like no other. This high school is like no other school in the country.
I love being apart of the Booker T. Washington HSPVA community. I enjoy being around young artists and seeing them grow and thrive in their disciplines. There is no other place like it!
I really liked how much respect they put into the arts and how artists from different concervetories can collaborate to create . The teachers are great even some have some art background which they make the students feel more accepted in their fields. Yet I’ve experienced some racial issues there in my art form and it’s mainly in that conservetory , the faculty needs to be more fair . Also as students we have to do the job to succeed . Great experience though .
This school recognizes that every mind is unique and focuses on individual education rather than churning diplomas to the masses. The arts training in each of the four conservatories rivals that of top colleges. Academics are not compromised; I'm majoring in math in college next year and have no regrets about choosing this school. However, extracurriculars are nonexistent or otherwise fake.
Booker T. has a strong academic program, and a handful of extremely successful teachers and staff members. However, when it comes to common sense regarding the school’s approach to safety (including recent crises such as school shootings, drug abuse, and in-school violence, physical or otherwise), there is much to be desired.
Overall, my experience at this school was very informative and helpful. I was able to learn about my craft early on and gained valuable experiences and skills that I can use when I enter the work force. While at the time of my attendance, some opportunities that we requested wasn’t offered to my class, the younger classes were able to benefit as they were added later on. My class also didn’t have as much diversity as I would have liked but the school has taken initiative to fix this with the younger classes. The academic department has improved since my time as a freshman as well as the artistic side as well, producing amazing art.
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This school has provided me with extensive opportunities and is one of the top arts schools in the United States.
Booker T. is a wonderful school to grow not only as an artist, but to become academically ready as well.
Booker T. is a very welcoming place with many resources to help you succeed in a fine arts career. If you come here and take advantage of all the opportunities the school has to offer you will see great improvement in all aspects of your major.
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