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Bolton is a great place for High School students and has a competitive academic environment. The school has definitely made improvements over the years and has a strong sense on school spirit. They offer a variety of college readiness courses including AP and Dual-enrollment opportunities. There is a healthy variety of sports and other extra curricular activities for students to be involved in. Parent and Alumni involvement is also one of the many great things Bolton High School is known for!
I absolutely loved my experience at Bolton High School. If it wasn’t for Bolton I wouldn’t have come out of my shell. I am a new and improved person because of Bolton. The teachers are amazing. The building is gorgeous. The entire student body is a big family. You can’t ask for more in a high school. The only thing that needs to change is we need more students! I am a proud alum of Bolton Class of 2018 and recommend it to everyone! Geaux Bears! Win honor and Win fame!
The school I attend is unlike other high schools. The major qualities it possesses is that it is known for its diversity and openess to new people and ideas. The only thing that I would do is improve Bolton's ability to make a difference for upcoming freshman. As a part of Bolton High School's Student Council, I want to use my position as Parlimentarian to make a difference in new students lives. I want all students to feel encouraged and know that they have a voice in our school. It's important for students to not feel ignored by their peers. Making a positive difference is what I strive to do everday.
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I've only been at Bolton for two years but I'm already in love. Bullying and clicks are nonexistent and everyone is super welcoming. The teachers care a lot about college prep and helping every student. We have a huge club community which makes it very easy to make friends who have similar interests.
I have been going to Bolton for almost for years. It is a very diverse and accepting school. The one thing I like about it is that the students are very friendly and accepting of one another. One thing I would like to see change in Bolton is the teachers attitude of being more superior, I would like for them to mature more when it comes to dealing with school and their personal life.
Extremely welcoming, diverse school but many of its facilities are old and most of the sports are lacking.
My experience at Bolton High School was average . Something I totally loved about my School was that it wasn’t big and many people knew you so it was like a family. Something I would like to change is the way the principal and some of the staff talk to the kids
This school cares nothing about the students or staff. i have never seen such a horrible school
This sco is full of diversity and you won't be disappointed with college readiness and the whole student body is a big family.
Bolton has a strong reputation for academics and diversity. My time at Bolton is certainly to be cherished.
Bolton is a diversity school that accepts everyone for who they are. If a student is struggling with class work or home problems they can find other students, teachers, or guidance counselors to help solve the situation. That is a kind of school I am grateful to be attending.
Although Bolton wasn't my first choice, by the first quarter of my ninth grade, I was grateful that I chose Bolton. Although other schools in Rapides Parish are good schools, Bolton is the best school because of the student body and the faculty and staff. The diverse student body and the considerate faculty and staff are unique because they become a family away from home. The atmosphere at Bolton is friendly and welcoming. It is a place where everyone will be accepted regardless of his or her differences. I am grateful for the rigors courses at Bolton because they have genuinely prepared me for college.
Bolton is a fun loving educational environment. All of the students are social and all falculty and staff are nurturers. I'd like to see the sports records improve but with the support system of the parents and student body, Bolton will be on top soon.
Bolton High School is a place of development and spirit. The faculty and staff are all genuine and supportive of students. I've never been to a place that demonstrates so much love and support for the school and all of it's programs.
It has what anybody could ask for and look forward to. We are more than unique. We are a big bear family
All my teachers help me with their best they can.
There were many different clubs and extracurricular activities that helped students be more well-rounded.
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Again we have a diverse student body. Some of the students come from privileged backgrounds while others come from broken or dysfunctional households. The entire school community does their best to support all of the students. Some functions are better attended than others but when attended the parents and audience support all participants whether they have a connection to them outside of the school setting or not. The school community, knowing about the less fortunate at the school keep certain supplies and clothing needs on hand including but not limited to extras like Prom dresses so everyone can participate. This year they hosted the 1st Prom for the Special Needs students so that even those who may not be able to attend "regular prom" due to their disabilities or mental challenges would still be able to experience the thrill of Jr/Sr Prom and they invited the Challenged Students from all of the local High Schools.
Our student body ranges from the highly gifted to the Mentally Challenged that struggle at a kindergarten/first grade level and our teachers and students are a tight knit family. Teachers alter their teaching styles to suit the class at hand which may change from one class period to the next. They challenge the gifted students while finding ways to engage the academically challenged and have all levels excel.
Something is always going on!
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