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Seeks to meet the needs of students academically, socially and spiritually. Such an encouragement to see students impacted for a lifetime!
I am a parent of four Boca Christian students. I feel the school has done a phenomenal job of meeting the wide variety of my students’ needs. It has also given a strong foundation of faith and academics to my children. It is a wonderful family and I’m thankful for the role the school has played in our family.
Boca Christian was a wonderful school for my 2 children, who both graduated high school from there after attending through elementary and middle school. They were both involved in sports, drama, academic competitions, and all the school had to offer. They made great life-long friends and experienced teachers who were professional and cared about the student's whole school experience. Mostly, they were challenged in their faith and given many opportunities to grow and lead - mission trips being a favorite. Both led the worship band during their time there. My daughter went on to play college (Div 2) soccer on a scholarship. Both were well-prepared for college academics and work load. Boca Christian will always be family to me.
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Boca Christian has been a bless for my family!! Teachers are so lovely, it feel like a second home. God bless our school.
“Equipping Future Christian Leaders through, Academic, Artistic, Athletic, and Spiritual Excellence Since 1973” This tagline rings true!
What I personally love about Boca Christian are the unique aspects of family and whole child. Boca Christian is a family of caring teachers and administrators who are not only dedicated to teaching students, but also to mentoring and praying for them.
Boca Christian is also focused on developing the whole child. I am deeply impressed with the opportunities for each child to grow academically, artistically, and athletically with rigorous coursework, beautiful arts programs, and fantastic sports teams. However, equally as important, is the strong commitment to helping students grow spiritually and to live Christ-honoring lives.
My kids attend this school. Love the community and the vision. The transition the school faced when Dr. Tennies passed away in the fall of 2018 was incredible, it would've sunk a lesser organization. This community, with God's help, united behind Mrs. Wendy Stapleton, their new leader.
Boca is a very family oriented atmosphere. People here are loving & really do care for students, athletes, parents and people. Love that my children are here. Love that my kids can be involved in sports. Love that my kids are getting a Christian education.
I went to Boca Christian for all of high school. I had a really good experience all four years. I was always encouraged to get my work done, and I loved that we had spirit weeks. It was a great way to encourage the student body to get a little crazy dressing up. We also had reward days where they would get us chick-fil-a, or even have a no tardy party, and a GPA ice cream party. The sports where also a good way to be involved in an extracurricular activity, it does not matter if you are a beginner, coaches are willing to teach you new things. Classes are also really good, teachers are willing to help you after school. Most importantly the school offers extra classes in which they can help you get credit for college. Also as my year of high school, I have really found the high school counselor really helpful with communicating what applications are and how we should right resumes.
Teachers truly care about you and want to teach students not just the subjects assigned but also how to be Godly young men and women.
This school shows a good public face but the teachers are prejudice, the students are spoiled, some are bullies and they have a big problem there with girl on girl action.
The school is excellent for its student and the community around them. I would love for the school to have teachers with better training
The teachers are very personal and really care about the students. They go above and beyond to teach the kids, and the level of academic excellence is amazing. However, the staff does not like change, so I would like to see them become more flexible in being open to new ideas from the student body.
As going there for 6 years it was alright but not the best and it could have been better. The teachers gossip about students and with some students and make fun of. Some teachers don't know how to teach.
It is a very small school, so you can be close to your teachers and they are willing and want to give you the help you need.
I liked that you could participate in many activities simultaneously while still being able to manage your grades. The academics are not as good as they could be. The math track is a year behind.
Boca Raton Christian School is a friendly, small school in the heart of Boca Raton, Florida. Most grades in middle and high school will have less than 35 students. Teachers are friendly and eager to assist students. There is a dress code, but uniforms can be bought cheap. Many advanced classes and clubs are available to students, including engineering, robotics, and most all of the common AP and DE courses. It contains the same intensity of the average prep school, and is about 50% Hispanic and 50% Caucasian. There are weather monitors and police officers on site. Children are kind and courteous to each other, and school lunches are high quality. There are two large two-story buildings, a large gym, band room, and youth room. There is a college adviser on site. Teachers communicate with families well.
I love how academically challenging this school is in mathematics and science, though I wish more focus would be given on arts as well, and how it is a college preparatory school. They have helped tremendously with my resumes, college applications, and scholarship info.
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Very thankful for the athletics at Boca Christian. As a parent of three sons, it was exciting to watch each of them participate in both football and soccer - a wonderful fact at the school is that most of the best athletes play more than one sport - which a recent national study showed helps athletes have less injuries. Our middle son excelled at football and went on to play in college. Our youngest son was able to be part of the District Champion soccer team this year led by the Palm Beach County Soccer Coach of the Year - and made it to the Regional Final game. Although the teams want to win - and often do -
in my opinion the best part of Blazer athletics is the overall good attitudes that are fostered by coaches who care about the character of each athlete as much as the athletic ability they have.
Extra activities like sports, annual Broadway musical, robotics clubs are excellent! These are open to middle and high school. There are similar opportunities for elementary also.
The smaller size of the school is a real advantage if you want to play multiple sports or do sports and other club activities like the musical. You get to try a lot more things than you can in a big school.
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