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I think the school is a very good school they do more than enough to try & keep the students safe & making sure they are on the right path I am very satisfied with all of there staff specialy with the 7th grade dean ms.theus & as well as the teachers one think I really love is the communication with the teachers in the app of pupil path ..
Being a former student at Blueprint Middle School was tough. The lunch isn't the best either, when I went there, the pizza was burnt, the milk was EXPIRED, and the food just stuck to the plate whenever you tried to eat it. I know someone who has gotten FOOD POISONING, TWICE from eating there. When I was there, I'd just skip lunch all together. Bullying was also a HUGE problem. Even if you told a teacher, they would just shrug it off like it was nothing and continue on with their day.
You have the same class through every subject, everything is boring, you don’t get to sit where ever you want during lunch, if you don’t wear the full uniform you get detention, if you wear jeans you get detention, and you only get to visit your locker when you first walk in and at the end of the day.
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I like the staff in Blueprint they are always helpful and understanding. But, one thing that I would like it to change would be the phone policy.
My son get ridiculed by teachers. They sat him in the back of the class alone while other stidents sat in peers for almost three months. Until I begged to have his class changed. The dean makes my sons life hell by saying he has no recess for a moth going on the reat of the year beacuse he missed the garbage can whem he tried to make a shot. And he even picked up the paper and put in in the trash. But the Dean who was arrested for burglary is so mean to my sixth grader. My son even got followed to the bathroom by Mr. Delacurz.... Another mean person at the school. These men are acting lik pedophiles by harassing and following my son.
there are some opportunities at the school to keep the kids busy.
What makes this school unique is that they provide many afterschool clubs and activities for kids to stay interested and focused in and they teach in a way to make sure everyone is following on and making sure that sll the kids understand everything being taught before moving on.
The teachers are kind and nice. They help students throughout the school and make sure they understand things before moving on with the lessons.
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