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The school is always clean. I love the teachers and my sports coaches. The environment is welcoming and inclusive which makes me feel at home.
Blue Springs was a good school with lots of opportunities in their extra curricular activities and sports.
I love this school its so much fun and everyone in this school makes you feel welcomed. And the activities after school and sports are so fun also, they push you to the best you can be.
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I have gone to Blue Springs High School for 4 years and I have really liked it. All of my teachers have been easy to talk to and very helpful. They have worked hard to make sure all students understand the tasks assigned. I was a team member on the color guard team at my high school and it was easy for me to get involved in clubs and sports. By being a teammate it also allowed me to make a good circle of friends to stick with. I have had a good experience at my high school the last 4 years.
Blue Springs High School is a very good school, with a welcoming staff and peers. The classes actually help you learn, and I have received so much from in terms of help and guidance. I would definitely go to Blue Springs.
Blue Springs High School is one of the largest schools in the Kansas City area. As a result, the campus can at times feel overcrowded. As a senior, I can attest that I see a new face every single day, while this is in no way a problem, it is something to take note of. The faculty is excellent for the for the most part, the general feeling is that teachers really care about the students and the subjects they are teaching. One great thing about BSHS is campus. The school itself has 2 buildings with a beautiful courtyard separating them. This gives the students a special opportunity to get fresh air during passing periods and in the warmer months, lunch.
Blue springs does prepare you for college but they push it way too much. The campus is beautiful only during the spring and fall but during the winter, walikng from class to class is just like walking on a large college campus. The academics are strong, but everyone is in a certain group. Diversity is more of are you good in academics or are you good in sports.
I was only at this high school for one year, but academics wise, out of the three high schools I did go to, it had the best. The teachers also knew how to make you understand the material in class as well as prepare you for college in the future.
i love our outdoor campus and how the staff and faculty care for all students. even though we are a diverse campus as a whole our teaching staff isnt as diverse.
Overall I receive a great education from BSHS. I wish they had a tad bit more diversity but overall my experience has been great.
One thing I love about Blue Springs High School is how diverse the atmosphere and the students are. We are always learning about something new about each other.
Great programs that help special needs kids and kids with learning disabilities. They try to accommodate as much as possible. Great activities to help students enjoy still being young while they can.
Our youngest of three is currently a junior, and following in the footsteps of his older sisters at Blue Springs High School. We are more than pleased with the attention and interaction shown towards students on an individual, as well as classroom level. Diversity is taught and experienced without being made to feel uncomfortable. The staff and faculty are world-class and down-to-earth, at the same time. Comradery and teamwork seems to be the secret to the success of their athletic programs, and their Nationally recognized Marching Band. Blue Springs High School has proven to be the best-possible choice to prepare our children to successfully meet challenges head-on with confidence and integrity.
I attended the Blue Springs School district for three years two years in middle school and one year in high school. The atomosphere was amazing and the teachers and staff are there to help you every step of the way. They have so many activities that students can get involved in which provides for an even better school experience. I would give the Blue Springs school district a 10/10.
I like how involved the teachers are with the students. I've meet some of the most caring teachers I have ever had here. They stress band waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much and in some cases it seems as though sports/clubs/extra curricular activities are put ahead of academic success but that may just be because we as a school district already get really good grades. Overall I've had a good experience here but I would like to see a shift from band being seen as the only important extra curricular activity/getting all of the school's funds to all activities seen as equally important and have a chance at having the same amount of funding.
What I liked so much about Blue Springs High School was the environment. There was always so much going on and something to participate in.
BSHS provides a great experience to students and parents. The teachers care about the students, encourage evolvement, and push for the best. The school is academically and athletically driven and successful.
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The administration is amazing, along with the teachers! There is such a variety of courses, any and every student is able to find what they are interested in! There is also a great variety of clubs and activities students can get involved in.
It was an okay school, could have been better with getting the help we needed. I felt like we needed more tutor time within the school and more one on one time with the teachers
My experiences at the high school are mainly enjoyable. The thing I like the most of the school the unique experience of wildcat hour. Wildcat hour is an opportunity to work on homework and get help from teachers in the middle of the day. The thing I dislike the most about the school is that there are times when big events happen at school and the school doesn’t react properly. Like overprotective in threats and not seeming to take bullying and consequences of it properly taken care of.
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