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I liked that at Bloomingdale, there was always someone to provide help if you needed it. There is always someone in guidance or the office who is willing to talk and help you if you are going through tough times. There is also good tutoring that is easy to use if you need. Most teachers also are very understanding and also are willing to provide help if you have any confusion about the topic.
Bloomingdale has a very obvious divide between the people who try and the people who don't. The people who don't are sometimes lost causes, but sometimes, they just need a little help.
I attended Bloomingdale all 4 years of High School and all I have to say is I never had to worry about my safety. education, or fitting in with the student body.
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I'm a foreign exchange student from Spain and my own experience of America is like living in a movie, bloomigdale high school gives me the opportunity of living the American Dream, i say that the best thing in my school is the diversity of people, there's people from all around the world and that's very cool because you get to know a big diversity of cultures including mine, the less thing that i like from the school is the food, i thing they should give more healthy food with more nutrients than give just pizza and un healthy food with out any benefit for your body
I just started at this school. the teachers are very determined to get kids to succeed. A lot of the students there sadly to drugs in the bathroom and the teachers seem to ignore it. some of the teachers know about the kids on drugs and don't say anything about it.
Although at all high schools there are negatives, Bloomingdale high school has done an amazing job making sure they handle issues and keep us safe. The teachers I have had are all amazing and intelligent.
My favorite thing about Bloomingdale is the school spirit. Everyone gets excited about football games and school dances. Everyone participates in spirit week and clubs. The teachers are amazing and try very hard to motivate students and go above and beyond to help them.
Good school, good academics, with after-school tutoring options. Most teachers are helpful, and care about their students getting good grades.
The teachers are amazing. Majority of them have been nothing short of wonderful. There have been a few not so great ones. Also, I do not get informed. When I seek information from the front office they rarely have an answer and I always have a hard time getting it. Most of the time I am just told to do stuff for college readiness, but no one explains what it is about or why. The administration is fairly good. I do have a little bit of trouble with it from time to time, but it always works out for the better. For the arts, math, and science, I have always had amazing teachers and enjoyed the classes. As for safety. I am very disappointed beyond words. My fashion design teacher recorded me and other girls on multiple occasion changing in and out of clothes we made in class, while in a closet. I am not happy about that.
I believe my school has many things to offer, but there are also some clubs and organizations that i wish we were exposed to more. The teachers create a very welcoming environment and the students are just as ready to open new students with wide arms.
Bloomingdale is such an amazing school, there is nothing I would change. The environment is so welcoming and friendly, sports are amazing, nothing compares to being in the student section.
I attended BSHS for 4 years and participated in many clubs along with the JV and Varsity baseball team. BSHS is a very diverse school and the academics offered are good. The school spirit is high and the staff and teachers are really good. I am proud to have worn the black, red and white for these past 4 years!
I do enjoy how many electives there are. I also enjoy how well known the music and sports programs are, being part of the music program.
During my time at Bloomingdale, I enjoyed taking classes in the social studies department because all the teachers made the topics interesting and engaging. I also enjoyed taking math classes because of the challenging material and excellent teaching. The highlight of my high school career, however, took place in the music department. The chorus department quickly became important to me and was a great way to make friends and have a creative outlet. My time in Ambassadors is something I will always hold close to my heart because of the beautiful music we made, success we achieved, and familial feeling of the group.
The school itself had a pretty good staff overall, with some teachers who had a poor sense of care sprinkled in. The student body was very diverse and it was really interesting to meet people from cities someone far away (because our radius was spread among a few cities with poorer quality schools)
I really enjoyed the courses offered at Bloomingdale in addition to the marvelous teachers instructing the courses. The culture of Bloomingdale was mainly focused on sports, which I did not enjoy too much, however the great amount of school pride was enjoyable.
Most of the teaching staff is great. Educational opportunities are endless. I would give it 5 stars if the environment of the school was better. Despite that, a great school.
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I love the community feeling at my high school. It's not perfect, but there is generally a sense of acceptance and belonging for all walks of life. I participate in Color Guard, and we have a huge band. It's a great way to be involved if you are not an athlete.
Very fun experience. Got to meet lots of new people who ended up being some of my closest friends, teachers really do care about the students, and overall felt like a second home.
I have been in Bloomingdale High school since freshman year and it has been a ride. At first, going into high school from middle school is a hard transition, but since the first day at orientation, Bloomingdale has been active in the students lives and their academic history. I am now a senior and the school makes sure that we all have everything together so all the seniors can graduate successfully. Administration is very good and active, personally I've never gotten into trouble but i have been in the room in situations where i see that administration does their job well and tries to get everyone's side. The teachers, for the most part, are all very good at their job and really care about their students. The staff care about the safety of their students and make sure any situation is dealt with, especially in this time where its dangerous and every threat is taken seriously. Overall, the school is safe and the staff cares about their students.
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