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Very good school small but it makes you feel at home and was a great high school experience the sports teams were not as good as other schools but a select few sports have exceeded all other years and had a great team these past few years better than the schools ever seen the staff and administrators are nice to an extent the school is small enough to rennet every face and name the teachers are great if kids pay attention overall the school is nice
There is little diversity due to being in a rural area, consisting of Caucasians, Hispanics, and some African Americans. The facilities for this school are phenomenal for it being a division 3. A wonderful auditorium, gym, multiple computer rooms, exceptional turf field, decent sized band room, and well-designed baseball/softball fields. Multiple teachers are truly involved and invested in students' success as a whole. Many departments such as Math, Senior Speech, and Government are taught by exceptional teachers who truly help develop each student in different academic aspects. Math and Band are two subjects which both hold phenomenal teachers allowing students to grow academically and creatively. The food served has progressively gotten better over the years; however, I wouldn't say its anything over decent or average. Overall the school atmosphere lacks true school spirit though many individuals carry spirit on their backs, it is the whole together that lacks the same mentality.
Bloomingdale is a very welcoming and positive school with students from all different backgrounds coming together for shared learning. My experience throughout my time here has been very positive.
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HORRIBLE teachers are racist and basically feed us the answers to every single question so we end up doing bad on exams and tests but they continue to pass kids who should be held back, they are just setting them up for failure
It's a decent school staff and club/sport wise, but, we don't learn as much as we could and I know schools that teach our standard classes a couple years before us. It is kind of upsetting to see that. I love the people and the way we are taught.
I love this school. It's a great experience and the teachers actually act like they care about your problems and try to help you solve them. The one thing I would complain about is the programs. There's not enough programs for all students to be involved in something. I wish there were more students attending so we could get more after school programs.
Overall, Bloomingdale High School is an alright school, the facilities are alright, there are a good amount of classes on offer and the teachers are great. There are a decent amount of clubs and there are a lot of private scholarships offered through Bloomingdale. However, there are also some problems with Bloomingdale. I feel that the school focuses too much on sports, there is an amazing and expensive football field there but most classes don't use textbooks because they are out of date and can't afford to buy more. Bloomingdale does not do a good job in supporting LGBTQ+ students. I have a friend who is bullied for being transgender and the administration refuses to do anything to try to help the situation. The administration also has a lot of favoritism, when it comes to students and to the staff
The things I liked about Bloomingdale is that everyone is willing to help someone out and they have an amazing thing called "Be The Change" and it pushes the students to get out of there comfort zones and do better.
Bloomingdale has a lot of school activity's and good teachers and very good school elective classes and offers a lot of opportunities to succeed.
My time at Bloomingdale has been one for the books. We may be small, but we are mighty. We rose academically, are rising in sports, and in the performing arts. The teachers are real heroes. I have never met a faculty that loves their students more than those who teach at Bloomingdale. I am proud to say I am alumni from Bloomingdale.
What I loved about this school are the teachers that you have. You are able to become friends with them and they are all wanting to help you achieve in High School so that you can go on to college. My school also believes in the idea, Be the CHANGE, meaning be someone who is willing to make a difference around your community and those you meet around you. Which is something that the students learn about it and do activities that help them Be the CHANGE.
It's a great school. The foods not that great but you get to meet a bunch of friendly people. The sports team aren't that great we only win a couple of games each year.
The health programs are minmal. There is no school nurse. There are AED's available incase of emergencies. Bullying is not a real prevelant problem. There are quality safety measures for such a small and secluded school.
There are only a minimal amount of extracurricular activities available. Other than sports there is a science club, history club, and quiz bowl team. Partici[pation for sports and these other activities are extremely low. Very few kids are active within the schools programs.
This school provides a small comfortable environment. Establishing yourself and friends is really easy. I am not sure if I would choose Bloomingdale again if I had to do it all over. The biggest reason would have to be the student and community support for school functions, such as, athletic events and programs. It is extremely low and creates an irritable environment for not only athletes, but all students as well.
Bloomingdale is really nice place to attend school at, there nothing wrong with the school
Bloomingdale is full of people who want to succeed and they want to see you succeed as well, Bloomingdale offers many opertunities to help better your future.
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Even with over ten new teachers in five years we are one of the best schools in the district.
Everyone is accepted in the school. Some may state there own opinions, but otherwise everyone gets along.
No trouble getting in at all, they accept anyone.
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