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Bloomfield Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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The overall experience about this school is pretty good. We have nice academic and athletic systems. I would say the only thing that discourages me is the fact that our school can be very strict at times.
I like how that you can have a great one-on-one experience with your teachers. You can have a great relationship with each and everyone of them. The things I would like to see change is how they are very strict with certain policies. It is good to have boundaries but I feel that they can get out of hand sometimes.
I wouldn't choose this school again. I am extremely involved in contest speech, and for the past four years this extra-curricular this has been looked down upon. It hasn't received the proper funding or respect. Athletic events are put before education.
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Some teachers are teachers to educated students, but other are there simply to coach athletic teams. The Arts are underrepresented and looked down upon by some staff.
A lot of the Teachers don't engage themselves with students, especially our principal. Our principal doesn't socialize with us much, so it makes it hard to get along. The teachers expect us to do all this homework while balancing sports or other activities, and it begins to get a bit hectic, and students become stressed out. Wr have a no-bullying policy and yet, students still get bullied. Sometimes students get bullied in front of teachers and the teachers don't do anything about it. It's like as if they don't really care to get mixed up in it. Sometimes the teachers and coaches are the bullies. When we complain about it to our guidance counselor and principal, they don't do anything about it which makes us students feel helpless. Also, dress code applies to only some people, and by that i mean, some people can get away with wearing certain things, and others can't.
My school is really accepting towards anyone. We are a small school so we know everyone and it's easier that way, i believe. Everyone is friends and there is strong encouragement from everyone.
The school has been updating the heating and air conditioning in the past few years. Last year we had the ceilings lowered for heating and cooling efficiency. We also have a great guidance counselor who work individually with each student on their schedule, and getting them to meet college recruiters. She also got our school involved in John Baylor Test Prep for ACT prep, which really helped us raise our school's ACT scores.
All the students have put a lot of time into the school's athletic programs, but in the past few years we have lost some of our best coach. Losing the coaches did put a damper on our school, but we are building ourselves back up. Right now we do have a lot of support from the community. I think that our athletic and fitness utilities are some of the best in the area.
There is a lot of extracurricular activities from music to organizations to teams. There is choir, band, drama, speech, "future family career and community leaders of America", FFA, volleyball, football, Basketball, wrestling, golf, cross country, cheerleading, and "track and field".
The menus may only be good for some day and when it is good people want to eat more. But, ever since they passed the bill to make serving sizes smaller there has been more people wanting to go back for seconds. With all the people wanting to go back for seconds they usually end up running out of food.
We are graded harder than most schools grade their students even though you think a B+ may be low for academics there is a lot of students in my school that are already taking college classes so they don't have to take very many years of college.
With getting a new principal almost every two years. We have slowly went up hill with our teachers. We have three really enthusiastic two that try to do anything to make our high school careers something more excited than just textbooks.
The school has just started Cheer leading up again. We are hoping to gain some spirit back in to the high school for years to come.
School is slowly going down hill it is over 50 years old.
The school may have different groups but each class would pretty much say they are like family.
The school has sports for after school, and there is drama, band, chorus, speech, art. There aren't any clubs for these things. It is a small school so there aren't many students that don't go out for sports. There are some organizations like FFA and FCCLA and most of the students in the school are involved in or the other, or both.
There are a lot of different teaching styles in the school. We have many young teachers, but we also have ones that are close to retiring. I personally like the older ones, because they have perfected how they teach and usually know what the students need. The younger teachers are just finding out how to act with the students, and usually grade harder because they don't know what to expect from us.
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There aren't any AP classes offered at the school, just because it is so small. This year is the first year that we had a teacher that could offer college classes. What the student picks for their classes decides what their work load will be. Students do have many opportunities to take online classes, including college credit classes. Scheduling gets kind of hard just because of the classes that the school requires to graduate.
My school is great. Its not a large school so a lot of personal relationships are made with every student in the class. Everyone knows everyone else in the school. Amazing student teacher relationships are able to be made. There is also a high quality education here. I also love the school because it is my parents alma mater.
The food at school is great. There is a regular main meal, and then there is a choice of having a salad. If someone orders the main meal they can also get a salad on the side. There is always fruit and vegetables available. There aren't any snack products because eating in class isn't allowed. Students also have the choice to bring their own lunch, or go home and eat if their house is in walking distance from the school.
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