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Bloomer High School Reviews

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The teachers at Bloomer High School were amazing. They were always there when you needed them and could answer almost every question you had.
I like that it’s a smaller school, it’s easy to get to know people and your teachers. Most of the teachers I’ve had are all very good at helping you to understand the subject.
My biggest issue was with how the school graded gym class. Gym brought down my GPA, and it really bothered me. It's a small school so there's not a whole lot of diversity for class options, but they helped expand those options a lot through distance learning and online classes.
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I love it because it provides more than just sports
Teachers are willing to help if the students ask.
Not much to talk about on this one. Sorry
Use a variety of teaching skills
More classes being offered now than 10 years ago.
I like how small this school is. I really appreciate the fact that we have small classes and can get help in each class that we feel we need the help in. I like or switch to trimesters because it gives me more time to get my work done in class.
SCORE makes this school unique. Most schools don't provide this class.
I believe the school should have a much higher punishment for bullying.
The food is very bad. Nothing is ever full cooked or even close to being healthy.
I do not think our hat policy should be as high of a maintenance and that some other things should have more attention on it. AKA drug use on school property
There are deferentially some areas in the school that could use some help.
In the past couple year the teaching staff has gotten a lot better. The teachers are much nicer and the are much more understanding.
I think some of the extracurricular activities should be getting more funding than what they are. For example our football and basketball team a very good, so they get a lot of funding, but our tennis and dance teams are just starting out but we can't make any progress because we don't have enough funding to excel.
Nice people, most of them smart good teachers. Hard to pass though for kids who don't attend
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School isn't bad, you decide what you do
You are the ultimate decision maker on how hard you want to work and prepare yourself to suceed later in life. Pretty good staff
Food used to be good, with new changes not that good. Nice lunch ladies though
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