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Bloom-Carroll High School Reviews

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I am a senior at Bloom-Carroll High school and I am very fond of the school. My sister Olivia has special needs and her peers treat her very kindly. The special needs program is exceptionally well organized and executed. The other teachers at Bloom-Carroll take learning very seriously and educate all kids best they can.
It’s a small school that is often overlooked and not known about in central Ohio. The teachers there are great, especially those in the music and art programs. The sports are adequate, especially football, but all the funding goes to sports while the arts are left hanging. There aren’t a lot of ways to get ready for college other than AP courses and CCP courses.
The school environment is only getting better each day! Lots of ups about being at a smaller school!
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The education is amazing the staff are great but their ages a few bad apples the school lunch’s are good for what they are worth but the building is in poor condition the ceiling panels fall in and the rooms are Extremely Hot or Extremely cold.
While the building itself is old, the old history is what makes it great. Many people are able to come back and enjoy many of their old traditions and even new ones. It's location gives it ample reason and opportunity for alumni to return to relive memories or to raise their own children in the area and fulfill there school memories at Bloom Carroll.
My favorite thing about my school is how we all rally together for sports events. No matter who we are or what "clique" we belong too at the end of the day we all have school spirt.
I've always had a great experience at this school, I've felt welcome every time I walked through the school doors. Everyone enjoys to be around each other while learning new things.
I feel safe in my school
The sports are really competitive and the students are supportive of the teams.
Like all schools, there are students who have parents that really care and there are students that have parents that don't care at all
I've only been attending Bloom Carroll for a year and a half, but I like this school and the staff so much that I would have loved to go there all four years of high school
Predominantly white. There were about 10 black people in my grade, if even
Anyone could walk into the school. Health? What a joke
Not a lot of options
Most teachers were terrible and I don't know how they got the job. A few went above and beyond.
There has been no problems with the health and safety that I have come across;.
They are great and of a very high quality!
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The teachers here will stay after school, come in before school, and give up their own time to help!
I moved to Bloom Carroll in the third grade and I loved it. It's a small school in a small town so everyone knows everyone for the most part. Everyone is super friendly and the teachers are immensely helpful and develop enhancing relationships with their students. There are very minimum issues and it overall has a safe, welcoming vibe. Although our school building itself is a little small thus making our hallways pretty crowded, it still is a great school to attend and be apart of. I adore the community and everyone in it.
The students, faculty, and community involved with the school are irreplaceable. I love being apart of a community where everyone gets along, and has fun together. The experiences I have had at this school I will cherish forever. The only problem is the how small the school is, which makes everything very crowded, including the classrooms, hallways, and lunch rooms, but with the school being so small it brings the students in it closer together. I couldn't imagine going somewhere else.
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