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Blessed Trinity Catholic High School Reviews

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Such a good school! truly such a loving environment and the teachers are very interactive and caring. The school truly wants to see their kids succeed.
I enjoyed my 4 years at Blessed Trinity greatly. The school challenged me in my academics where I succeeded and ended up where I want to be. I was involved in many clubs all 4 years and ended up on the leadership teams! I was a Fundraising Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity, a Publicist for Titans of Mercy, and an Orientation Leader for incoming freshmen! I also was in the dance department where a family was created! I started in Advanced Dance and moved up to Dance Company, and was also on the dance team for all four years! I would not trade my 4 years at Blessed Trinity for anything!
Blessed Trinity is a great mix of everything! We have excellent education, excellent sports, an amazing fine arts department. We are encouraged to serve others and be the best person we can be.
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Wonderful- especially the block scheduling which has greatly impacted my success in a college setting.
Blessed Trinity high school gave me a great foundation in education and I feel I am prepared to go to college. I met some great people and made wonderful friends. I took classes I would have never thought I would and really enjoyed them. I loved playing football, especially for a winning team. I was skeptical about the block class times but I easily adapted and again, I feel this will help me in college. I look forward to moving on but a piece of me will remain there. Im proud to say I am a TITAN!
Blessed Trinity is an excellent private college preparation High School. We experienced 4 amazing years. One the of best communities in Atlanta. Great guidance depart to help you all the way during the college admission process. WE will enroll at BT all over again ! Thank you BT family for such a amazing years.
Academics are very rigorous at BT. Teachers pushed me to my limit, but now I am ready for college. BT prepared me very well. Athletics are very competitive, but great support system.
Wonderful teachers and administrators who truly care. They want the best for your child, and are willing to spend the time with your time if your child takes the initiative to seek advice and help. Definitely prepared my child well for college. The small class size promotes an excellent learning environment. Rated the school a 4 instead of a 5 because of a toxic social environment. Social environment is not accepting for anyone who doesn't fit the mold.
Blessed Trinity is a very safe place to go to school. It taught me how to be my own person, while respecting others.
I have enjoyed my time at Blessed Trinity so far. The teachers and faculty are all supportive of the students and their own interests, although I believe there are times in which administration's motives are flawed.
Best overall school, block schedule replicates college schedules, best preparation for college and best value given all the activities and the sincere interest of the the teachers in providing a great education within the Catholic faith.
Blessed Trinity is an excellent high school for college preparation. Their block system structure is an excellent way to experience college scheduling right out of the box. Their sports programs are top notch with the football team winning three state championships in a row. It gives us all pride to see what they have accomplished and that pride helps extends throughout the student body. The school is somewhat diverse but it could be more so. The school facilities are excellent with a great gym, football stadium, track and field facilities and everything that you would want in a high school athletics program.
I loved the academics, culture around sports, and faith formation offered. I would like to see more of a variety of programs for different carrier choices like engineering, pre-law, or pre-med.
It is the school of excellence. I came to BT averaging Ds and came out with all As and Bs and a 31 on my ACT. Not only are they good at academics but in their 20 years of existence they have won 45 state championships and they also have one of the best arts programs in the state.
I like Blessed Trinity because everyone is very kindhearted and welcoming. Blessed Trinity is a great environment that identifies with academic preparation, spiritual connection, and community. The teachers and staff care for each and every one of their students and strive towards excellence in their students. I feel that my teachers and rigor have prepared me very well for college next year. I have also made some of my best friends at BT.
I love BT! I am currently a senior and have been going here since freshman year. BT is such a great environment that identifies with academic readiness, spiritual connection, and community. I feel that my teachers and rigor have prepared me very well for college next year. I have also made some of my best friends at BT. Everyone is very nice and welcoming.
I highly enjoy the people at Blessed Trinity. I found great friends as soon as I walked in the door. While some departments are lacking, overall their academics are stellar and really help prepare their student for college.
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most donations go toward the football program. it seems that all the administration cares about is the football team. as a result, many football players can get away with a lot and don't have to work hard at their grades because they know that they will never be disciplined. i honestly think that they care more about sports than academics and the "catholic values" that they claim to have.
many teachers don't care about how well you do and put minimal effort into teaching. the foreign language department- specifically spanish- can't keep teachers and it negatively affects our grades. administration pretty much only punishes people with short skirts and most of their policies are jokes.
Fantastic school for your children. Many amazing teachers that truly care about the subject that they teach and the overall wellbeing of their students.
Blessed Trinity offers an amazing course load. This school is perfect for those wishing to pursue an academic career to stand out during college applications.
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