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Bledsoe County High School Reviews

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The teachers at Bledsoe are very nice and will help you with anything. They include everyone in everything. It is a small school so everyone knows everyone, and that is a good thing.
Bledsoe County High School wasn’t a terrible experience, but it wasn’t the best either. There are only about 500 students at my school, therefore funding is very low. I feel like I’m prepared for college, but since Bledsoe is a small school, I’m not excited for a big city.
There are some really caring and supportive teachers. A major downside to the school is the lack of a study hall period or break (aside from lunch). With six classes, I feel like a study hall period would greatly benefit students' performance in their classes.
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Being a student at Bledsoe County High School is important to me. Although our region is small, our school district does everything they can to make sure all the students have everything they need in order to continue their education, and I am proud to say I am a student here.
Bledsoe County High School is a great school. This school has a lot of different clubs and organizations to join. However, I wish this school would gain a Criminal Justice program. My major in college will be Criminal Justice and not having this program has not benefited me and hasn’t provided me with information that I will need to know about this program of study when I go to college. On the other hand, it has many supportive and helpful teachers. They always are there to help and answer questions and know how to make class fun.
Bledsoe County High School has overall been an experience to remember. Throughout my time there, I have been exposed to a friendly environment and met many friends.
I enjoy the small population of students, and the scenery around the school. I would like to see the lunch quality change.
Bledsoe County High School has been a spectacular school for me. They have really been involved with our community and trying to help. Also, they try to keep up with all the new technology that keeps coming out in our society. However, their food could probably be improved. It may just be me, however, because I'm a picky eater.
What I liked about Bledsoe County High School was everyone knew everyone. However, I didn't like that the teachers were lazy and didn't teach. The counselor doesn't do the job that is assigned and doesn't help with college at all. I feel like the majority of the students and parents would agree that our teachers and staff are very poorly suited for their jobs. Many teachers just give the answers to every test and say keep up with it and you can use it. While other teachers give you pop quizzes on things they didn't teach. Mainly they just sit and put videos on to occupy us. Then when we get to college we won't know how to do any of the things they assign because of the poor teaching system. I've had 2 great teachers my whole time here at Bledsoe County High School. The number should be far more than that. I just feel sorry for the upcoming kids that have to deal with the same issues and won't know how to put up with it, get ready for college, or know how to apply for college.
The years that I have been in high school, I have learned a lot. Each teacher tries to make their class fun by doing different educational activities. Also, when a student is in need of something, they are always their to help them. There is not one thing at the school that I would change.
I like that Bledsoe has a vocational center so students can get hands on learning while basic knowledge of that class
Overall I didn’t have a bad experience, but many things could have been improved to better prepare me for college. I feel like if the academic part was focused on more than the athletes the students would benefit highly.
Bledsoe County is by far, in my opinion, one of the best schools in our region. Every person in the school treats every other person like family. It is one big family there. The teachers are excellent. From the moment you walk in on your very first day as a freshman, they welcome you with open arms and warn you about the upperclassmen joking with you. They will work with you, one on one, until you understand the lesson. When they aren't teaching, they still give you the care that a family member would. I would like to see a change in how they handle absences.
Bledsoe County High School is what you make it to be. If you are a good student, the teachers will be very nice and resourceful to you. The same is true of the staff; the majority of them want to see you succeed. The only changes that I would suggest are hiring new teachers to replace the ones who have lost their drive and pleasure for teaching.
I wish we still had a break.....I love the library class that they offer ....I am in choir and was in drama and I absolutely love those programs ....the food is ok ...but its not the schools fault we can't have salt or anything ..the school cooks and serves great ....I love almost everything about Bledsoe countyhigh school and would definitely recommend it ❤
I am currently cheerleader at Bledsoe County High School. Although teen are not technically considered a sport I would love to be able to be more included as a cheerleader. One thing I love about Bledsoe is how the whole school comes together as a community.
I love the school.would like to see a law class though.its an goodb experience to be at the school just all around 10/10
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I have spent my whole high school career at this school and it has helped me developed in many ways. Most of the teachers I have had have helped me to further my education.
Bledsoe County High School is a good school. Of course no school is perfect, but I do believe it is adequate for my needs as an honor student.
Great experiences at competitions and trips.
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