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Blairsville Senior High School Reviews

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Education is sub-par. Student life and involvement is what keeps the school going. Teachers are decent.
Went through the campus K-12, very nice teachers, small class size, very little prodding to be a part of class discussion.
the teachers are okay for the most part. we only have one guidance councillor for both the middle and the high school, so getting appointments for guidance related things is difficult. most students have little to no ambition and don't seem to care much about their future.
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It was fun while it lasted. Being on many sports teams made it fly by because you always had something to do.
I liked the class diversity. How many of the teachers care about our success and they support us. I would like to see more classes offered to prepare us for the keystones and SAT's even ACT's. I love that photography is a class now and how we keep adding more diversity to classes offered.
There are police officers that roam the halls and stand at doors when students exit and enter. There are cameras all over the school that are monitored by those police. It's pretty safe because word gets around about something bad a lot of times before it happens because it's so small
There aren't a ton of different extracurricular activities for the students to do. There are a few options but they are not diverse
My overall experience at the school has been pretty good. The only downfall is or that there aren't as many diverse opportunities for students. It's mostly athletics or band or art. There's nothing in sciences or agriculture there. But I have made do with finding outside sources of this stuff.
Most of the teachers at Blairsville High School care a lot about their students and their futures. You can talk to them about any problems that you have or concerns about colleges and they will do their best to try to inform you on what they know or send you to somebody that does know.
I did learn a lot, and the math program is an excellent one
The bullying policy is literally a joke. You can do whatever you want to basically anyone and the school won't do anything
Our teachers are amazing. There are a few that everyone knows do nothing and give you no help with anything, but nothing happens. That is very few though.
Our guidance office is really good, our principal is too. Our school board is terrible though. They forced one of all of our favorite teachers to "retire"
The lunch ladies are pretty cool, but a lot of the food is really gross. Grease literally dripped off the pizza
My English classes prepared me for research papers in college as did my history classes for note taking.
The doors only open if someone in the office hits a button, but they'll let anyone in. A girl brought weed cookies to school and the police have been called multiple times so I think that pretty much sums it up.
There's no racism or anything like that, but it has its cliques like any other school.
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A few teachers are absolutely great, are very knowledgeable, and know how to get that knowledge across. Most aren't very good at all and will complain about you if you ask for help when you're struggling. You're on your own for the most part.

They give you some information, but don't help you with the application process at all. I was very uneasy considering they didn't help me. I think the AP classes are the only classes that actually help to prepare you for college.
I hate this school and everyone in it. Full of bullies including teachers and administration.
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