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Blackville-Hilda High School Reviews

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Blackville-Hilda High school is a great school the community and school spirit is amazing. The teachers do all that they can to help further your education. They come up with different ways to make sure that we were college ready and also that we are reasy for life in general.
The things I like about my old high school is how the teachers pushed us to do our best. When it was time for testing, we were very prepared and ready. I would change how they don’t push to improve things. Like the electives should be things like financial literacy instead of art, etc
I enjoyed everything about B-HHS. I am proud to be a hawk forever. The teachers are awesome. Sports are great
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What do I like about Blackville- Hilda High? I love everything about my school from the student body, to the teachers, and the administration. They have done a great job over the past 4 years preparing me for college and the real world. The only thing I would change about my school is the population and the size if I could I would make it much bigger.
I like that their are teachers there that's wants to help u move forwrd and achieve your dreams. Blackville is not only a little town in barnwell county but its has a great and awesome school system. We also have teachers that's getting you ready for middle school and high school but most important College.
My experience at Blackville-Hilda High was very interesting. There are many activities you can participate during your high school experience. Whether you're a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, you will no doubt have the time of your life here. You will make new friends and create bonds that will last a lifetime.
I wish we had a more variety of classes to take instead of the basic ones that we need. One thing i like about this school is how everyone gets along with other classes.
The principal is very helpful and caring towards the parents and students here at Blackville-Hilda High School. I've really enjoyed working with Principal. Beasley and be always take the time out of his busy schedule to assist with whatever needs there are to be met.
When I was going to school are here I felt as if the school could have some more improvement so that the students will become better equipped for the real world ahead. My experience out their is that the school is a average place for anyone.
It has been a blast being part of Blackville Hilda High School.The teachers are wonderful and very motivating and supportive.The staff look out for your best interest and are very caring and loving.They won't allow you to give up no matter what.
Blackville-Hilda High School is a black majority school. We try to be more diverse than the other schools in the county. Something I like about Blackville-Hilda is that, we are under new authority and everything in the school is changing. We are doing better in this year we are doing better in academics and sports this year. What I wish change is that i want more parent involvement in the school, well more than what it is now. That is all that i got to say about Blackville-Hilda High School.
Things could be better. The teacher should look happy and ready to work.
everyone must have proper shots ,
Cheerleading , basketball , volleyball, softball , track and field, football , weightlifting , band , 21st century after school program, drama club , poetry club
The parents need to be more involcved like my parents We only have about five parents who comwe to the school for school related things
The teachers need to be concerned about heir jobs and the levelof teaching skills they perform to all students. They sleep in class and some can't control he class at all.
Blackville-Hilda High is a very small school in a very small town. The size of the school allows for each student to have a personal relationship with their teachers; which results in better grades.
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The student involvement in sports is average. You get the same athletes from basketball/football that run track, play soccer, baseball/softball, etc. Our teams perform well in basketball, football, track, weightlifting, soccer and softball. The fan support could be much better.
Our nurse really isn't effective. Overall, I feel pretty safe at school.
My principal isn't very big on suspensions (in-school or out-of-school). He likes to give his students multiple chances, if the problem is not that bad. My school does not take bullying lightly, although small accounts of bullying do occur. Teachers are very strict about the dress code. They send quite a few students home every day because of what they consider inappropriate clothing.
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