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Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School Reviews

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The school is clean, safe, diverse, and overall a very successful school district. The technology and readiness they prepare for their students is amazing.
Overall a great high school and an excellent place to grow up. I would say the music, art, and foreign language programs need more attention.
BVT is a very welcoming school and community!! The energy here is so welcoming and very positive. It seems like everyone is on the side of the students and will do anything to see them succeed.
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Before BVT, i went to northbridge. It wasn’t a welcoming environment and the teachers didn’t seem to care. When i went to BVT i was welcomed in from the first day and saw that the teachers cared about the students.
Blackstone Valley Tech allows for students to study and learn in a hands-on environment. The staff are always willing to help your student grow and learn.
Great opportunities and experiences! Lots of potential connections with teachers and jobs in and out of school. Lots of hands-on work while receiving a great education.
Great school for anyone looking to try out careers while in high school. The concept of combined academics and shops weeks every other week provides an excellent well rounded experience. Their engineering program provides an amazing foundation for the next step of pursuing a college degree in engineering. The teachers,principal, and staff are phenomenal.
I have loved BVT for various reasons. First, to go to BVT you have to apply and go through an interview process. This helps prepare students for the real world when they will need to go through interviews for jobs or even colleges. The school is very professional and prepares students for work. Also, this school is a technical high school, meaning students get an education in a specific field of trade along with the basic academic education that students get from a regular high school. I am in the health services program, striving to obtain my CNA license. The knowledge I have about medicine and the patient experience I have already had as a junior in high school is very beneficial. It has prepared me extremely well for college and I believe I will have a leg-up on the first year or so in college.
The Bvt community was warm and welcoming from the fist day all the way up to present time. The staff and students at the school are some of the friendliest people I've ever met. Everyone supports each other from math team, debates, skills competitions, to sports and more. For example the basketball games; the fan section was always packed and everyone dressed to fit the games theme. If the boys had a game then the girls team would watch in support and vise versa. The athletic directors share an equal love for all sports and all of the teams share the same love for one another. All of the teachers there truly want whats best for the students and help them out in any way that they can. They all stay after every Tuesday and Thursday to help students who may need the extra time. Community service is a big part of BVT and every student who attends the school has given back in one way or another. We are always trying to help others and look out for them.
It was an amazing school with a great community. This school gives opportunities to students who do not do well in traditional school settings. BVT teaches students greater responsibilities. Students learn how to function in the real world.
My experience at BVT has been great. The teachers are all supportive and helpful when determining future career goals and aspirations. The "Shop" part of school has given me the ability to discover if the field I have always wanted to go in is the one for me. Overall, it's a great school.
Gave me a great hands-on education and allowed me to grow in academics and my trade. Outstanding career enrichment programs to give students real world advice and encouragement. I would not be the confident lifelong learner I am today without BVT!
Loved every single second of my high school experience. I had so many priceless experiences and I feel super prepared for college and my future career. The staff as a whole is incredibly supportive, especially during our quarantined senior year.
Shop is absolutely amazing. I have never improved so much not just technically but as a person. It's clear that the teachers deeply care about the students. Administration, on the other hand, must hate the students with a burning passion. They can be spotted aggressively checking every student for their IDs, which they claim help protect students despite little proof to support it. They punish students despite first offenses and for just not wearing it. It doesn't even matter if they have it as they are still punished if they don't wear it 24/7. Luckily I have never came without my idea but I have seen classroom filled with good and hardworking students just because they forgot to put it on one time. Second example is that they don't allow clubs to have websites of their own as they don't trust the students and are super strict with field trips such as with the trip to Disney.
I enjoyed Blackstone Valley Tech (BVT). I enjoyed my experience there, in the Dental Assisting program. I was happy to graduate with two degrees, instead of one. Currently, I am working as a dental assistant in MA. I am fortunate to have been provided the education and credentials I earned during high school. Surely, it has benefitted my career longterm.
As far as high schools go, it's pretty great. It has fantastic teachers, high budgets, and great students. My only real complaints are, honestly, things that it shares with other high schools, such as the lack of freedom to do what you want.
Blackstone Valley Tech (BVT) has provided me with countless opportunities, lifelong friendships, and unbelievable memories. For starters, BVT never felt like just a school to me, instead it felt like a second home. With supportive and caring staff, I felt welcomed and safe. The teachers, both shop and academic, always created engaging lesson plans and prepared us for whatever future endeavors we would pursue, whether that be college, the workforce, or the military. At first glance, a graduating class size of over 300 students might seem deterring, but from my experience, everyone in my class connected with each other in one way or another and had amicable relationships. Being exposed to students from 13 towns allowed everyone to find friends with similar interests. BVT encourages student involvement by having a multitude of clubs and activities, as well as sports for all types of people - some examples include Student Council, Bass Fishing, Math team, and a variety of Varsity sports.
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I liked the energy of the school. It was very team oriented. Teachers were positive and supportive each year. My specific shop was not well coordinated due to the cycling of teachers. I did not learn much but I could see the movement towards improvement. The other shops were better coordinated though and many enjoyed their shop experience, I personally did not but it was a unique situation each year that lead to my lack of proper instruction.
Blackstone Valley Tech clearly defined for me what I wanted to do after I completed high school, and eventually college. By providing me with a bi-weekly shop class, I could develop my academic skills, as well as my skills in my chosen trade. My manufacturing shop instructors helped me find a co-op position that was right for me. As an alum, I highly recommend BVT, as their efforts to help students succeed are matched by none.
BVT has great school spirit, and most of the staff there is very welcoming and helpful. I enjoy the balance of learning a trade and learning academics as well. Being in a shop for all four years of high school allowed me to make lifelong friends that I can always count on. This school is very unique and I enjoy how close you can become with the staff, notably teachers but janitors and the people working in the lunchroom.
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