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Black River Public School Middle/High School Reviews

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It's an okay school. It has good resources and opportunities for schools of its size. However the problem also includes its size. It does not have a big budget because of it which limits opportunities for it to offer compared to larger schools.
This school is very small but that is what makes it such a high quality education. The teachers know all their students by name and have a close relationship with them as the classes are quite small. The classes are very quick pace and if not familiar with that environment, students may struggle at first to get ahold of the expectations for each class. But in the end, the education is very strong and all the teachers are extremely qualified to be doing what they are doing.
I really liked how the school wasn't everyone sits at a desk and listens to the teacher. Everyone could work at their own speed and be successful. Great college prep school
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I've attended Black River Public School for 13 years and have had an overall positive experience. Students benefit greatly from small class sizes and one on one communication with their teachers. The project term program at the end of the year is great for giving students new life experiences and teaching them about topics not covered in the normal curriculum. If you want to take a class not offered at the school, you can go to the Careerline tech center, take an online class, or enroll in a college course (Hope College is just down the road). If you're someone whose main priority is getting a good education, Black River is the best school in the area. However, if you want to play on a really good sports team or you excel in the arts, Black River might not be the place for you. Additionally, I think the english program is excellent and makes students great writers, but the math program needs vast improvement.
I have attended Black River for 13 years, I have had a great experience. As a college prep, it pushes you to be your best. The teachers are very helpful and are eager to answer any questions you may have for them. The facilities are old, but they have made the best effort to create a safe and comfortable space. Because of these reasons, I strongly recommend Black River Pubic School to any students or families interested in attending.
I feel that overall Black River is a good school. However there are some things that i would like to see changed, for instance currently we are using money that the parent board has come up with so that we can build outdoor basketball hoops. This is absolutely absurd to do when we have windows in our school that leak every time it rains and sometimes the ceiling leaks too. It is overall a bad spending of the money that we have raised.
This school has allowed my child shine by giving him a safe place to learn & to be himself! Former severely bullied to point of becoming suicidal via other local reg public school in district
Honestly, the only big drawback is the administration, they can be a bit corrupt at times, but the overall feeling of the school is quite nice.
It is a great school with forward thinking. Very great teachers who are willing to help at alll times. The cafeteria food is not great. Great one on one with teachers. Very challenging courses that prepare you for college. Interesting schedule.
this school is a college preparedness school, it is small but is very good with working with students..
overall ok experience with the school. The English department has done an awful job preparing myself and many other students for the base college-level writing and when this issue was brought to their attention they have made no effort to correct it in any way.
Overall this school is very good with academics and a helpful atmosphere. The teachers are great! One thing that I would like to see change is more diversity, however.
Project term is extremely neat and the academics are harder than most public schools. Would recommend for those that can handle a higher course load.
need more class choices , very limited, no business, or IT , computer, robotics . Teachers need to be more student focused vs sport focused. Need to have more sports, baseball is there barely they don't even have a field to play on.
Back to classes. All classes are geared toward liberal arts. Need to be more diversed. Not all students are going to follow a liberal arts pathway.
Our children began as elementary students at Black River and are now both college grads. They attended rigorous colleges and felt extremely well prepared by BR's curriculum. BR is well run by an administrator who has been there since founding and understands its priorities of college prep and small school culture. Extracurriculars and clubs were varied and interesting, and the school is open to new clubs based on changing student interests. Faculty includes a high percentage of exceptionally devoted teachers who forge lasting relationships with the students. We loved the small class sizes, personal attention and parent involvement. Social acceptance is high, and our kids had good experiences with their peers. BR is college prep, so not necessarily for everyone, but that's what choice is about. BR has formed great relationships with area public schools - almost unheard of with charter schools. All the kids benefit from professional collaboration. BR was a great choice for our family.
Black River Public School is pretty awesome. It's challenging and offers many opportunities for students to better themselves whether it be in sports, math, politics, art, music, or anything else they might be interested in. Financial support is helpful too if the student can't afford some of the activities available.
I love it at Black River, because it has given me so many ways to study things I'm interested in along with the core classes. I can always ask for help if I fall behind and the school spirit is great. The classes are challenging and get more so every year, as the school prepares us for college, but when we finish our exams and head into the month of Project Term, we know it's worth it.
I love being a student at Black River, all the teacher genuinely care about you as not only a student but also as a person. Class sizes are small enough as you get 1 on 1 interaction with your teacher but big enough that you have friends and people to work with. My history class this year has 9 students in it and the learning is very personal.
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I personally loved Black River because of their college prep options. All of the teachers encourage you to aim towards attending college, and in fact you must be accepted to a four year college program in order to graduate. The curriculum is excellent as it teaches a well rounded field, and gives the best learning experience possible.
Black River Public School lived up to their mission of preparing students for college and life. My first semester of college is nearly over and I have felt completely at ease because of how well my high school prepared me.
Black River public school really understands what it means to prepare their students for college and life. This means that once a student graduates from Black River, they are more prepared to take on different challenges than they think that they are. Black river allows you to push yourself and motivate yourself to figure out what it is that you are truly interested in and allows you to learn and grow from their.
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