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Bishop Verot Catholic High School Reviews

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Excellent school. Excellent education. Highly recommend for anyone looking to send their son or daughter to get a well-rounded education.
Amazing school! I made a lot of friends and challenged myself with great academics and competitive sport activities.
The administration seems to care more about whether you have your lanyard and what you’re wearing, rather than if you are receiving a good education.
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The campus is beautiful. Classrooms open to an outdoor atrium and court where students can eat, study and socialize. The media center is state of the art. The facility is secured against intruders. Teachers are available every day for after-school tutoring. A peer-tutoring program is in place.
I transferred to Bishop Verot in the middle of my sophomore year. It was a little tough to catch up because they were a little more advanced in what they were teaching compared to my other highschool. However my teachers really cared about me and were concerned and wanted me to be my best so they really helped me with tutoring and after school help. I volunteer a lot and am in a ton of leadership positions so I think it’s great how the admin allow a lot of kids to have different leadership opportunities. Everyone gets along for the most part and I don’t really think there’s anything that needs to be approved. I love my school.
This is my last year at Verot and I am so glad I attened this HS. The staff is amazing and have helped me so much to become the honor student I am today. The teachers take time to sit with you one on one when having difficulties in a subject. I will always remember my time here at Verot.
This is a great school to challenge a student adademicslly and prepare them for college. I would not recommend it because I have not had a good experience with rhe students who attend that school and the administration.
Bishop Verot is dedicated to academic excellence while encouraging community outreach, service, and spiritual growth. Personal growth and achievement is supported through sports activities, creative endeavors, and community service. As an Apple school, technology is an integral part of every learning and peer collaboration. The teachers, staff, and administrators are dedicated to student success, safety, and preparation for future success in college and life experiences. Bishop Verot is an excellent school!
We are pleased with the academics and atmosphere. As a liberal family we thought it would be a bit more conservative but they do a good job of creating a well rounded educational experience. We feel very comfortable in our daughters safety from violence and assault. They encourage faith based living and high moral standards.
Excellent teachers, especially within the Math and Fine Arts Departments. Teachers really help prepare you for college and curriculum is challenging but also very educational. The school counselors are very kind and helpful; good with helping change courses, look at colleges and search for colleges. Food is expensive but very diverse in options and tasty. Theatre and choir kids are the most loving and accepting in the whole school. I’m going to miss this school a lot next year. Peace out, Verot! :)
Bishop Verot High is a great school that will help you become a well rounded individual. They offer some many cutting edge programs and clubs that you will never feel left out. The technology used by the school also helps set them apart from most others.
Bishop Verot is academically rigorous and the teachers really care about their students. The biggest issue I’ve had my past two years is the cliques and getting in with friends, they need to work on a more inclusive environment. The athletes are treated better than everyone else. Overall a good school.
Good: great teachers and food
Bad: punishment is a resort for most things, some cliques
Many clubs and opportunities
Bishop Verot High School is a well-rounded school with excellent teachers. Both the staff and fellow students aid you in class and in planning future endeavors. I have always enjoyed my time at Bishop Verot and have felt that there a multitude of opportunities and chances in the classroom to improve. I would like to see a lesser dependence on technology, as some students do not have the best accessibility to internet.
I like the level of involvement from the administration in helping prepare kids to enter college and their futures.
I like the quality of the education. I like the innovative learning - using technology through the iPads and not carrying books this is the way of the future. The support of the staff and the teachers is amazing.
Bishop Verot was a great high school experience. I came there as a freshman not knowing anyone, but Verot had tons of activities for the students to get to know each other. It was challenging academically, but it is only so they can prepare you well for college.
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What I liked about Bishop Verot is that it is a family. All the teachers and students truly care about each other. Also, every class is taught by well-qualified teachers who want to see you grow and are committed to prepar8ng you for college. I truly couldn’t have chose a better school to attend for my highschool experience and to prepare me for my continued education in college.
I very much enjoyed the small class sizes. The amount of AP classes offered was nice as it allowed me to get many credits towards college.
My daughter attended from 2004-2009. It was an amazing school. I have 2 more to go to high school and look forward to sending them to Bishop Verot as I did their sister.
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