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Bishop Shanahan High School Reviews

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I enjoyed attending Bishop Shanahan High School because it brought me to meet my best friends for life. We at Bishop Shanahan were a very tight-knit group of students since our school was fairly small in size. I would like to change the prices of school lunches and dances, considering tuition was already costly.
This place is pretty good. I was very prepared for college when graduating. Some of the teachers are probably not qualified to teach and volleyball is pretty much our only sport we're good at.
Very average high school experience but excellent opportunities for involvement. Highly recommend joining clubs if you attend here - it will make your experience so much better. Some excellent teachers at this school who really care about their students and what they are teaching. Some confusion or miscommunication at times that could be approved upon.
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Very good academics and school spirit! Greatest four years of my life. There is always a place to go after school with other students.
The curriculum is challenging. The atmosphere is Christian. Would like to see more/different classes for specific career goals. Allow more than top scholars to take AP courses.
I liked the fine arts dept. , the friends I made, and some good teachers.
I would change guidance dept.
Typical Catholic High school experience, I made friends for life and was able to take AP classes but otherwise the place needs some work.

The Administration seemed to only be in place to reprimand students and I never really felt supported as an individual until it was time to apply to colleges. They wanted to see how much scholarship money they could tote around... and I was not Catholic so I was sort of "left to the side," even though I was in the top 5% of my graduating class. I was not even able to stand on the stage at graduation.

This school made me thankful to go to a Public University once I graduated and I am thankful for my AP class experience overall. Please make sure if you send your kid here that you make it clear you're expecting a personal approach to their education - no matter if you're Catholic or not.
Shanahan was a wonderful community that truly came together in times of need. I was fortunate enough to have built great relationships with some of the faculty but their were others who were not professional and did not provide the best experience for students or were unable to control a classroom causing other students to suffer.
I can tell going to a private prestigious school helped me to get accepted into good universities, but the faculty and institution at this school is extremely corrupt. I hope that in the future, the school decides to make some well-deserved changes.
I am so grateful that I got to go to Bishop Shanahan High School (Class of 2008). I felt extremely prepared for college and later for my career path, in large part due to my positive experience at BSHS. Caring teachers who are passionate about their work guided me academically. Devoted coaches helped me to improve in athletics. A wide variety of extracurricular opportunities allowed me to find my own niche and passions. Through retreats, regular prayer and a welcoming community of faith, my spirituality grew.
My high school experience was an excellent one - full of supportive teachers, an uplifting atmosphere, and a focus on treating every person with dignity and respect.
Only good for the reputation, teachers are unbelievably disrespectful to students while expecting the world in return. Complete money pit only good for the friends you can make and the very few good teachers and experiences you can have.
Bishop Shanahan High School has something for everyone. Whether it be our state ranked Track team, our excellent debate team, or even our robotics team there is always something to do. I very much enjoyed my time at Bishop Shanahan and believe that it is a place for all while still being geared towards the individual student.
Overall, Bishop Shanahan is the only school I could ever see myself at. My four years are all ups and downs, but I would not trade it for the world. I have met so many good people. Most teachers are incredibly kind, and always available. The food is not terrible. There are challenging courses, but they fit to your learning speed. While I played sports I formed many friends and the coaches were amazing.
Bishop Shanahan has showed me my voice as a person. This school has made me feel welcomed and I have learned so many amazing things.
Shanahan is a great school for college prep students. I feel like I am prepared to go to college next year. Lots of activities to choose from.
The teachers are very helpful, while sometimes they may seem strict, nothing is done without a reason. It is also a very safe environment with many people who are genuinely kind and loving. All of the school activities are fun, and sports teams are very high ranked, with many championships.
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Teachers use technology to substitute for true teaching. Very poor communications and extracurricular activities are very disorganized and poorly run.
I like many of the students at Bishop Shanahan High School. I like the sports programs and clubs. I like some of the teachers. They need better teachers, more types of classes to take, and less strict rules.
Shanahan changed my life. I transferred in my sophomore year from Conestoga High School. The difference between a public school education and a Catholic school education is so significant. Though I myself am not personally Catholic, my relationship with God still grew, and I have never been happier. They are pretty strict about tracking up to honors and AP courses, though, so you must be willing to put some work in. Other than that, Shanahan is a great school, and if you have the chance to attend, do so.
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