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O'Connell is not worth the cost of the tuition and fees. Though the academics are good. The communication between the faculty and parents have really declined in recent years. Also the guidance office does not communicate well with the parents or students. Yet, there are still a handful of very good teachers here. If your child plays sports think twice about sending them here. For most sports at O'Connell they tryouts are a mere formality and unfair. The coaches for the boys team already have the teams picked. The athletics program needs a major overhaul. Overall, I would not recommend sending a child here.
I have attended O'Connell for the past four years, and unfortunately, my senior class got the short end of the stick. The school is practically a construction zone, and the administration is unevenly partial to a selection of students. The only redeeming qualities are a few of the teachers. Shout out to Mr. Tabbara!!
It's a classy but overpriced school that forces Catholic teachings onto you. Although many of the teachers are both skilled and nice, there are some that are outstandingly bad. It has many programs + clubs after school, most of which are student run. Its cafeteria sells average food for high prices. They have access to very good class choices and good rental laptops.
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I liked the academic setting combined with strong Catholic traditions that helped disciplined me into becoming a very studious person, and made me dedicated to my work and serving the community through community service projects.
My experience was a good one. Loved a lot of the teachers who taught and are still teaching there. I still visit time to time just to see some of them. This school got me ready and prepared for college. They are a very serious school and take their rules very seriously. My overall experience is good even though some of the teachers that I disliked could have been better.
Great campus ministry! The formation from the retreats has been absolutely amazing! I’ve been exposed to so many different and wonderful people that have really broadened my horizons.
O'Connell's class sizes are reasonable and teachers care a lot about the students they serve. Coaches are supportive. Athletic Facilities and science labs are well equipped. They lack some depth in the Math department, but teachers are usually qualified to teach the classes they are assigned to. They have wonderful engineering teachers. The school provides learning supports for students who need extra help, which made a big difference in my daughter's learning. The students are also very supportive of each other. The building is under renovation and will be lovely when it is complete. While we had some bumps along the way, we are happy with the experience our daughter has had there.
It is alright. The teachers of advanced programs (ie Ap or honors) are fabulous. the building needs some love. They are attempting to renovate it, but the project has been delayed.
I love Bishop O'Connell High School. This high school provides a variety of classes with teachers who want the best for their students. The environment at Bishop O'Connell is like home. As a current high school student, my fellow students have become family to me. O'Connell provides education as well as an experience that prepares you for the future.
Bishop O’Connell is an incredibly outdated institution. With few attributes of the school (truthfully just the food) being mediocre at best, everything else is frankly atrocious. The teachers are unpleasant, rude, and sexist. The administration is idle and the building is in utter disarray. The students are either stuck up and ignorant, or miserable.
The students are very nice and friendly, teachers are dedicated and are ready to help when you need it. What could've been better is the price of the food and vending machines, it increased during my last year at the school.
Bishop O’Connell is a first rate high school and a great Catholic school. The Faith is infused into all aspects of student life. I highly recommend this school to parents looking for the best environment for their children to grow and mature in stature.
As a military brat I have attended 8 different schools. This is my second high school and by far my favorite. It has a lot to offer and is a positive environment.
I'm sure my parents would love for it to be cheaper. Although, it would be nice for the school to have the money for all the improvements they would love to make.
Bishop O'Connell Highschool is a fun place to be and everyone here is very close to one another and have a close relationship with the school(children or relatives of alumnus) It is currently under construction to modernize the school and add more features to it(add a grand entrance hall and elevators) to make the experience more welcoming.
Bishop O'Connell has continuously opened doors for me as a student in the arts. The O'Connell community is a family--- bonded together through Christ, love, character, and service . I truly have enjoyed my time at O'Connell, and fully recommend enrollment there if a student is looking for a top notch education and opportunities for growth and progress.
Going to Bishop O'Connell High School was one of the best experiences of my life and I would not give it up for anything. This school allowed me to come to know talents that I had no idea would come to grow in such a huge and better way through singing in the men's choir, acting and singing on stage for the plays and musicals, and just being my true self. I am so thankful for my parents sacrificing so much for me to go to this school because I created so many amazing memories with my friends and the amazing staff there that I will never forget.
I love how accepting the school community is. When I first transferred in, I was afraid that it would be hard to make friends. However, the people I encountered in my classses and in the hallways are super friendly.
There is never a boring moment at school. Through O'Connell I have greatly improved my Spanish language abilities and I now know that Spanish is something I want to pursue in college.
I definitely think that there is a strong sense of community at O'Connell. As a cheerleader I am able to see students rally together at sporting events. The crowd's vibe is unbelievably peppy. It is an honor to be a knight.
The new renovations that O'Connell is undergoing are well-needed. The addition of an elevator and more common rooms will bring the school a modern edge. I can't wait to go back and see these new changes.
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Bishop O'Connell provides students with a good education while in a faith based environment. O'Connell can accommodate all types of students. Everyone is encouraged to strive to reach academic excellence. The teachers and coaches truly care about the students and try to create strong relationships. The students here are kind and treat everyone equally. Bishop O'Connell has an expanded services program that helps students with intellectual disabilities learn in a normal high school environment with a few modifications. Like every school, O'Connell does have its ups and downs. Currently the school in under renovation and other aspects are struggling.
Transferring to Bishop O'Connell was an easy transition, the community was welcoming and the students were, generally, helpful as well. The teachers are adaptable in the sense that they will customize or work specifically with students who may need extra help. Through coming in early or staying late- the school also has a fixed study hall period which allows students to visit with teachers at a more convenient time. The classes are structured to set students up for success in college. With many assignments mimicking similar assignments students may receive in college.
The few places where O'Connell falls short is in the quality of the food and sports. Now to specify the food is generally good but on other days not so much. Now on the note of sports, the sports teams are in general phenomenal but there are a few coaches who do not take enough interest in their athletes but that is a small minority in general coaches who are invested and care about their athletes.
I love the atmosphere at O'Connell. It truly is a family environment, and I couldn't imagine myself going anywhere else. In general, the classes are just the right amount of challenging and fun. There are so many clubs and activities that O'Connell has to offer, and the sports are really good here too.
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