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I liked that the community at Bishop was very warm and welcoming. I was able to find a strong closed-knit community there and made some very strong friends there as well.
Bishop Montgomery is the best high school. We are such a diverse school and the teachers actually care about us.
Bishop is more like a community than a high school. You feel like the teachers truly care about you and want you to succeed. It has a high parental involvement many of the teachers went to Bishop themselves. It is very diverse and even has foreign exchange students from China and South America. I have had the opportunity to meet students from both places.
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Transferring from a public school to Bishop Montgomery made the transition a bit hard, but I performed very well academically. The workload was fair and my teachers, for the most part, were very helpful and motivating. It wasn't a fun school though. The staff would pick and choose when they wanted to be strict about certain things and there was nothing to do at that school to enjoy yourself.
There are many opportunities at this school if you put yourself out there. Some may find the rules restrict expression.
I really like the diversity that Bishop Montgomery has. I also like the culture because we are a very spirit focused school and we always support the sports teams more than other schools do. The academics is very good also and there are a lot of resources to prepare for college. The school gets very involved in our college preparation and makes it less stressful by giving us guidelines for what we need to do.
After attending for a full 3 years and a couple of months, I have noticed improvement in some way, shape or form. The school is constantly upgrading and trying to make the school a better place. Improvements include the anatomy table, media center, and many more improvements. The counseling is of the things that has stood out to me. They are very helpful, always there to help answer questions, and do a good job to check in on you to see how you are doing in your classes
A great community with amazing staff that adequately prepares the student for a college like work load.
Bishop was an incredible time for me. There are a few problems with out of date rules and policies along with really run down facilities, but the education and culture is second to none
It's good days and bad days but once you graduate you understand that Bishop taught me all the life lessons I needed. Created great relationships and built character!
My overall experience was good, I have made life long friends while receiving a great education. The sports, especially the basketball games, invigorated the community with school spirit. I was able to approach most of my teachers for help, as some of the classes were challenging but helped me in the event of the AP tests. The rigorous courses have helped in preparing me for college level classes and information.
It’s very challenging and competitive, a great prep for college. The classes prepare you for college, but as for researching colleges and that whole process, the guidance counselors could be more involved. It’s got a great location, about a 30 minute walk both west to the beach and east to the mall. and although there are some strict rules, it’s clear that it’s for the care of the students’ safety and for shaping them for the real world. There are a lot of extremely talented and smart people here and it’s apparent that almost every teacher has an immense amount of love and care for their students.
Both of my sons attended this school. It is a tight-knit, caring, catholic high school. Would not want them anywhere else!
The thing that I like the most about Bishop Montgomery High School is the fact that it is a community. We have great faculty and the courses are challenging. I like how we get out early at 2:10 every day and have lab days once a month.
I love the culture! I can truly said I had a great high school experience. The BMHS pride is so real. Having spirit weeks each semester really helped the student become more involved with each other and strived to work together. We always came together as a community. Each grade got to on a retreat and learn more about each other. Becoming a strong unit. I was fortunate to host a retreat and being able to share my experiences with my friends and learn about my classes shows we all come from different backgrounds. Plus learning to respect each other for who we are.
I am a senior at Bishop Montgomery High School. As I started applying for colleges this year I realized how much Bishop prepared me for college and the things that the school needed to work on for future students applying to college. While I feel pretty prepared and well informed, I did most of the informing on my own. I think the counselors should do a better job at informing students on what they need to be doing to prepare for college and applications especially for a first-generation college student like me who had no idea what was needed for a good application.
This is a solid school. They are very on top of everything. The kids are definitely pushed in terms of academics but they are prepared for college.
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Bishop Montgomery High School is a very welcoming community. Most of the teachers are very approachable and easy to communicate with. The school is very safe and the most of the teacher's love what they do. All the teacher's encourage their students to work hard and prosper. The students are very warm and friendly and the community is filled with spirit.
BMHS is a Catholic, full service college prep school. It is extremely diverse with faculty and administration that truly care about each pupil and their respective families. There are numerous extra curricular opportunities and a wealth of resources for the students at their disposal. I am both an alumni and a parent of a current student. My child has completely bought in to the BMHS culture and he has thrived. I could not be more happy with our decision to keep BMHS as part of our family history. Go Knights!
Bishop Montgomery has a very good academic program and prepares you for college. Not only that the teachers are very helpful and kind and care about their students.
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