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Both of my sons attended this school. It is a tight-knit, caring, catholic high school. Would not want them anywhere else!
The thing that I like the most about Bishop Montgomery High School is the fact that it is a community. We have great faculty and the courses are challenging. I like how we get out early at 2:10 every day and have lab days once a month.
I love the culture! I can truly said I had a great high school experience. The BMHS pride is so real. Having spirit weeks each semester really helped the student become more involved with each other and strived to work together. We always came together as a community. Each grade got to on a retreat and learn more about each other. Becoming a strong unit. I was fortunate to host a retreat and being able to share my experiences with my friends and learn about my classes shows we all come from different backgrounds. Plus learning to respect each other for who we are.
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I am a senior at Bishop Montgomery High School. As I started applying for colleges this year I realized how much Bishop prepared me for college and the things that the school needed to work on for future students applying to college. While I feel pretty prepared and well informed, I did most of the informing on my own. I think the counselors should do a better job at informing students on what they need to be doing to prepare for college and applications especially for a first-generation college student like me who had no idea what was needed for a good application.
This is a solid school. They are very on top of everything. The kids are definitely pushed in terms of academics but they are prepared for college.
Bishop Montgomery High School is a very welcoming community. Most of the teachers are very approachable and easy to communicate with. The school is very safe and the most of the teacher's love what they do. All the teacher's encourage their students to work hard and prosper. The students are very warm and friendly and the community is filled with spirit.
BMHS is a Catholic, full service college prep school. It is extremely diverse with faculty and administration that truly care about each pupil and their respective families. There are numerous extra curricular opportunities and a wealth of resources for the students at their disposal. I am both an alumni and a parent of a current student. My child has completely bought in to the BMHS culture and he has thrived. I could not be more happy with our decision to keep BMHS as part of our family history. Go Knights!
Bishop Montgomery has a very good academic program and prepares you for college. Not only that the teachers are very helpful and kind and care about their students.
Bishop Montgomery is a school with an amazing sense of community. They work very hard to make it a safe and welcoming environment for all students.
The education was worth it. Rules were strict but not hard to follow. I believe the friendship that happen in private school are amazing because some of the people you in high school with you went to middle school with.
I personally enjoyed Bishop Montgomery High School. I graduated in 2017 which was just last year. The teachers, administration, and staff were always attentive and nice throughout my four years there. I was captain of one of the spirit squads called Short Flags, and apart of ASB my last two years. Bishop offered multiple clubs and programs to be a part of, which is what I loved. Overall, Bishop was a great school.
Attending Bishop Montgomery High School was a beneficial experience for me. My education was a main priority for both myself and my teachers. I was allowed to grow and develop as a student, while given the implication that I could and should always strive for more in my academic career. The school community was a very open and diverse bunch of students and teachers who would take interest in each other and strive to strengthen the school. The community allowed for self-help and mental health care through peer support and professional counseling programs. This made it easy for students to be open about the struggles within their everyday lives, while making sure they get the appropriate help. Moving forward, Bishop would benefit from giving more support to their Arts programs and clubs. I believe art is an outlet for expression for many individuals, and seeing their performing and visual arts classes and clubs flourish will be an amazing improvement for the school.
I really love the overall atmosphere of this school! The courses are very challenging which really prepare me for the rigorous course that I will encounter in college! I feel very prepared for going to college thanks to all the wonderful teachers and academics of this school!
I expected more school spirit and schoolwide involvement. I learned that mostly favorite students were chosen to be part of it lead events and that the boys basketball team were treated like kings. I will say that th academics were high quality and I had to work for my grades. I didn’t really enjoy the food at the school, I often had to buy drinks for lunch.
Excellent school with a great academic experience. Teachers are great, engaging and inspiring. I would recommend BMHS. The students are wonderful and the school encourages creative thinking.
I’m an international student. After three and a half years here, I’m proud to say that my experience at BMHS has been wonderful. Bishop is such a diverse, loving, and supportive community. Here I got to experience a challenging yet amazing AP curriculum; learn to play clarinet, improvise solos, and perform with a lovely band; volunteer inside and out of my school, and act in a drama lab show. BUT what I love the most at BMHS is its atmosphere. The peers are motivated and cheerful. The teachers are dedicated, patient, and provide ample care for each of their students. Principal Ms. Libbon always reminds us that we are loved, and that we are capable of making a positive impact in the world. What you can take away from BMHS is far beyond just academic excellence. There’s also talent, love, social responsibility, and self confidence. I will sincerely miss my time here. I love you Bishop. Thanks for making my high school experience beautiful and unreplaceable.
(June 2018)
The teachers are amazing and are always there for a boost of encouragement . This school is always well prepared and overall acts more like a family than just friends.
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I would like to see Bishop Montgomery become more invested in sports teams other than Boys Basketball.
The community of Bishop Montgomery is unparalleled. The academics challenged my abilities, the athletics program was top notch, and the people I have met are some of the best I know.
It is a school with a lot of rules. It is great for kids that need discipline and a catholic background to teaching. The basketball team is the only open division sport but the rest of the teams are competitive as well. In the classroom the average class size is about 25.
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