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Bishop McNamara High School Reviews

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This school is overpriced and denies that they are part of the city of Kankakee in anyways because they do'nt want to be associated with the "ghetto" town. When things go well there it is in the paper as Bishop Mac, but the second anything bad happens they are "a Kankakee high school" which then gets reflected onto Kankakee High School.
I appreciate my high school’s commitment to getting us into the college of our choice and preparing us for college. I also think the small school experience is nice. It’s easy to get involved and to get the help you need. However, I feel that our main problem is just some of the staff. While I do feel that most of them are good people at heart, there is a huge problem with following through and just doing the job right. We also can not communicate with our students and families very well.
My experience at Bishop McNamara was not the greatest socially. Personally I did not agree with many of the students that made up my graduating class. However, the school was excellent in the form of academics. The teachers were all knowledgeable in their courses and wanted the students to achieve. Furthermore, the school was preparing students with a more vigorous curriculum for when they entered college.
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I really enjoyed my experience at my school. I made some good friends. The teachers we cool and good at teaching.
Being given the opportunity to attend Bishop McNamara High School is the best thing my parents have given me.
Bishop McNamara is a good school for the area it is in. It could be more socially diverse and offer more "fun" activities.
Teachers cared a lot. They went above and beyond in helping me succeed. I didn't like the favoritism towards the athletic students.
I like that this school is a very friendly environment. At this Catholic School it seems like religion classes are not taken seriously (for the 7000$ that it costs to go here.) The student body isn’t very good either; this seems like a public school but just a religion class that no one pays attention. For the money, I wish my child could have gone to a public school. The student body isn’t very good either. There are people with drugs, alcohol, low standards, racist slurs and there are a lot of people who are egotistical. I mean for a catholic school seriously? the staff there is ok but a lot of them aren’t catholic (so they think their religion is better than the schools and a lot of them only work there for the money, not because they want to work there and they don’t get payed very much.
Bishop McNamara is a great school if you are looking for close relationships with students and faculty. Its a smaller school that has a strong family atmosphere. The percentage of students going off to college post graduation is well over 90%. Every teacher and faculty member make it their sole purpose to help you succeed!
Over my 4 years at Bishop McNamara I have absolutely loved every experience I've had here. I came from a public grade school so going to a Catholic high school worried me a bit but I was so excited for change. I have felt more than welcomed into the Bishop McNamara family. All of the students and staff really do have such a special connection and I couldn't be happier with the decision I made to come to this high school. I would absolutely recommend this institution to anyone.
the sports have great programs but many of the fine art programs are undervalued and don't receive nearly as much funding or attendance as athletics
the teachers and environment are great and the school is really solid academically, religiously, and athletically. most of the students are nice and willing to help but some are less dedicated and don't seem to care much about their education or what happens to them
the teachers really do care about the students and they would do pretty much anything to help them succeed. obviously there are a few that aren't as good, but the majority are great teachers and they know what they're talking about
The teachers of the advanced curriculum are phenomenal, but the teachers of the basic level curriculum are mediocre, not involved, and uncaring. The tuition is rather pricey and financial is not well or evenly distributed. It is also not easy to earn scholarships that help pay. The School is not worth the money when it comes to curriculum unless you take advanced classes. Having mass often, class retreats, and a week long retreat junior year called kairos, the student body is very well involved with one another. This is also true because it's a small school and the school events we having like the house tournament, homecoming week, and house games.
Bishop McNamara was a great school to attend for high school. I made many life long friends, won two state titles, and made connections with teachers that will last a lifetime.
Most teachers are very dedicated to their students.
I would do this all over again. We are very happy here.
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The school is small but uses what is available to its full extent.
I have had nothing but positive interactions with the administration.
There is almost something for everyone.
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