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Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School Reviews

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This school is really boring but at least there are no problems. Pretty much nothing ever happens and days blend together into a blur.
Bishop McGuiness Catholic High School provides a wonderful learning environment and offers students opportunities to help learn and grow.
Since my freshman year at Bishop McGuinness, I have felt connected and involved in so many ways that it has shaped me into a prepared, young adult ready for the next four years of my life at NC State University. Bishop McGuinness has helped me grow academically and spiritually in ways that no other high school can ever do. My time at Bishop McGuinness was remarkable, and it is a great place to be apart of the church and school community.
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I learned a lot, and I developed my academic skills far better than those in public schools. However, getting into college was much more difficult coming from a private Catholic school.
Everyone in this school vapes! Some teachers even smoke WEED! Food in the cafeteria is very unhealthy.
Some teachers just DON'T teach! Vaping is prevalent at the school and the administration stopped caring about it this year. You can experience all different flavors of vape in the restroom. Cheating is another special culture at the school. Good teachers only teach junior and senior class. Think before you and your parents throw thousands of dollar to this school.
The academic rigor at Bishop was outstanding, and it created an environment where we got to know our teachers and learn together as students. It was a challenging but rewarding education that set me up well for college.
Bishop McGuinness is a wonderful school that prepares kids for college. The only think I would like to see changed is the blindness to bullying.
Bishop McGuinness is great because it is small enough that you have immediate access to teachers, counselors, and opportunities to get involved. There is large diversity in student interests, and everyone ends up finding something that they enjoy. However, if I was to improve one thing about Bishop, it would most likely be trying to improve the learning experience for lower level students. Although there are definitely opportunities for everyone to succeed, I believe that more engaging teachers and classroom environments for students who struggle would be extremely beneficial to them and would help them to succeed. They should feel that they are being encouraged and challenged to do well, and I do not think that that is always done as of now.
Medium sized catholic school with friendly teachers. The collage counselors seemed a little clueless but the year after I graduated they both retired and a new counselor came into the school who I have heard only good things from. Overall it was a good school in Kernersville that brought together kids all over the triad.
I enjoy the academics because they challenge me and make me think. However, the lack of diversity at the school did not allow me to feel "home" as a minority.
I enjoyed the experience I had at Bishop McGuinness, but I think it would've been better if we had more opportunities for AP classes. I liked most of my teachers, but there were some that did not seem qualified to teach their subject. It can be hard to find good teachers willing to teach at private schools but overall the experience was enjoyable. It got me to the college and major I wanted!
As a current high school student attending Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School I would love to see more diversity among the students along with the ideas of accepting different cultures and the allowing of students to celebrate what they believe despite being a catholic high school its good to let students to develop their own independent thoughts.
I love the orderly conduct of teachers and students. The discipline in the school is really good. Teachers do not have to tell students to settle down, because students come to class ready to learn. Academic standards are high and the teachers are very professional. I have made very good friends at Bishop and I have liked all of my teachers. I love this school!
Bishop McGuinness has prepared me for college by using a rigorous academics and fantastic counselors. I've been challenged since I've been here and it is a great place to go. Individual attention is a focal point. Bishop could use more diversity though.
I enjoyed the sense of community at Bishop McGuinness. I always felt accepted and valued by the teachers and students. I would perhaps like some of the teaching methods to be changed. For example, more hands-on teaching methods rather than just lecturing.
Bishop McGuinness is a catholic college prep school. It can be overly difficult at times and somewhat frustrating. Overall it over prepares you for college which can be a good thing. Many of the teachers are very caring and others are very difficult. In general, it's a pretty good school.
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The small environment at Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School promotes confidence and understanding. Teachers are willing to go the extra mile to make sure student's understand what is being taught and can apply it to the real world. Students are prepared to take on real life situations and are taught how to be respectful to others. Discipline does, however, need to be strongly addressed. As a Catholic school with such a strong motto, disciplinary actions need to be enforced upon students who fail to live up to the standards. Overall, this is a great school and is highly recommended for students who want to excel in the real world.In comparison to other schools, Bishop is truly unrivaled.
Great student body. Lots of leadership opportunities. Involved administrative team. Lots of opportunities to play sports and get involved in activities, clubs, organizations. Thoroughly prepare students for college. Great academics.
I have been at Bishop for the past two years. I love the environment in which I am able to learn, the teachers are really great too. However, there is a restricting uniform as well as a very cliquey and stuck up student body. I stick to my classes and my homework as well as tennis, I do not socialize much at school. The art and music programs at Bishop are great, but I wish there was a stronger sports program.
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