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My experience at Bishop Lynch was great! I made life long friends and even picked up a few college hours! Prepares you great for college classes and the college work load!
Bishop Lynch High school has helped me in so many positive ways. The environment here is great and I get to meet new people every day. The teachers and staff are wonderful and will do anything to help you become your best self and become successful.
I graduated from Bishop Lynch last year and had a great four years. The only thing I would say to change is the funding towards the music & arts departments. It seems all of their money goes straight towards their football team and hardly ever shines light on their fantastic arts programs. Don't get me wrong, I loved going to the football games and supporting the Friars but I wish that BL had done a better job in getting people excited to support the arts programs as well.
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They do their best to prepare us and you can tell that the teachers really care about your well-being and want you to succeed. People are generally very helpful and try to be available as much as possible.
I transferred in my sophomore year and both of my parents are alum. It has become my home - the students and teachers alike are amazing. The curriculum is tough but it is manageable.
Going to Bishop Lynch was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Most of the teachers here are good at teaching, but for the most part they care about their students and want them to succeed. The main thing I love about Bishop Lynch is the dual credit courses they offer which give college credits for completing a more difficult level of coursework. This is extremely helpful as this will eventually save thousands of dollars in college tuition.
it was okay. The school is very much run in a fashion that i would not recommend they are just into the football program it seems like. it is just like any other high school that you could think of.
Like the school. Not my favorite place but its alright. I enjoy the people at the school. It truly feels like one big community. However, the staff and faculty could use some work
I absolutely loved my time at Bishop Lynch High School. I was pushed academically, received amazing guidance and knowledge from my teachers, and learned how to become a leader. I would not change much about Bishop Lynch, but the one thing I would change would be the spiritual aspect of the school. Being a Catholic high school, we were taught and only shown the very traditional Catholic way of praise and worship. Me leaning more non-denominational Christian often felt discouraged and uninterested in Christianity while at school because only Catholicism felt accepted. Considering I willingly attended a Catholic school that makes sense, but I wish I could have had a more Christian, not exclusively Catholic feeling environment.
My experience at Bishop Lynch has taught me valuable lessons that I will cherish and take with me for the rest of my life. It has taught me life lessons on how to treat others and how to be responsible. I have learned how to deal with personal issues calmly. I have become more mature and respectable due to the prestigious nature of the school. I have learned what friendship means and I have become more social. I've created memories with great people at a great institute. Forever will I be grateful to the school that became my second home.
I loved the environment that Bishop Lynch offered me. It allow me to grow in all aspects of my life.
I loved Bishop Lynch. Personally I think it was such a great fit for me and my family. I always felt very involved and integrated into the school. I thought the sports program was amazing done by our coaches. The teachers were always very willing to help everyone at anytime and help us succeed no matter what.
Bishop Lynch High School is a school that is very rich in its culture and its faculty and staff bring out the good of the school. Social events throughout the year brings the whole school closer together.
Bishop Lynch was a great investment. It is a safe environment for a high school. Lots of clubs and activities
Bishop Lynch creates a legacy. Bishop Lynch is a college preparatory high school and I was over prepared for college classes on a college campus. The academics and athletics were rated the best in the state and all of the awards can back that statement. The school is very diverse and has a really great culture. Most of the teachers are alumni themselves which is a really impactful statement.
Bishop Lynch is a fantastic school for students who want to excel. The teachers really care about the kids and will actively help them in succeeding inside and outside of the classroom.
Bishop Lynch was an experience! I loved the school and the people. Yes, there were times where I hated being there and was not a big fan of the students, but I would not redo my high school experience with a different school. An enormous change I would like to see at Baylor is a more inclusive environment for minorities. There were times where racism prevailed, and the punishment for the abusers was a slap on the wrist and diversity/ leadership symposiums. I would like to see more disciple when it comes to matters that such as racism for accountability purposes. Overall, my experience was rocky but I loved every second of it.
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Bishop Lynch has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have made friends that will last me a lifetime, and learned lessons that I am glad I learned sooner rather than later. The teachers are always ready to help. They're tough on their students, but at the end of the day they love all of their students and help them to succeed far into the future, even after college. Once I graduate, I know I will definitely be visiting my school so much during the year because I am going to miss It more than anything.
Bishop Lynch High School has done a fantastic job at preparing me for college. I can easily take the classes I want, and the teachers really go out of their way to make sure each student understands the concepts and material. As an AP student, I have a rigorous course load that I must balance with various extracurriculars. However, teachers do a fantastic job at keeping the class engaging and manageable. The student culture and diversity is also one of the things I love about this school - I always hear new perspectives and experiences. Overall, Bishop Lynch is a great institution and someplace I would recommend to anyone.
It is a great school filled with lots of school spirit. The people are amazing, and the teachers really prepare the students for college. There is something for everybody to be involved with on campus!
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