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Bishop Luers High School Reviews

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I like the diversity among the students and the small class size. I enjoy that the campus offers dual credit classes. I have received four years of religious education which I have also enjoyed. There are many clubs offered at BLHS. I am a member of the right to life and the NHS. There are many different diploma tracks which is beneficial since we all learn differently.
Students who attend Bishop Luers will experience a positive school culture and challenging academics. Its sports program is well respected in the community as well as their music and theater departments. The school has two Catholic priests as school chaplains. Mass and reconciliation are offered frequently and take place during the school day. Daily bus transportation is available to students at a minimal cost.
Horribly corrupt school, the administration has degraded over years and the students that go there are left with the leftovers of the teacher that haven’t left yet.
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I had a very good experience at luers! The sports programs are very well ran. I played soccer and it was the best time! It is a small school which was very helpful for me. Some academic programs need some improving including mathematics. A new principal has been placed since I was there and he is really turning that place around for the better! Teachers want you to succeed and are very helpful. It’s a good community to be a part of.
I love Bishop Luers high school because all staff are willing to help you with anything and more school sports or activities you can get involved into. Faith is the importance to this school
Bishop Luers is the most amazing place! It is by far the most diverse culturally and social/economically school in all of NE Indiana. Yet, all of the students get along very well and by the time they are seniors are more of a family than friends. We have something called "Luers Spirit" here that you have to experience to understand. It is the only school I have ever seen take a prayer and turn it into a cheer during a basketball game.
Bishop Luers high school, for me, was definitely an experience. I was not the most popular girl at school, but I made the best of it. I made life long friends that will last a life time. My freshmen year of high school I was coming from a public school to a private school. It was a change for sure, but Luers made it much easier for me. I got involved with so much like Future Business Leaders of America, World Culture Club, basketball team, Peer Ministry and that is just to name a few. My favorite part was my dance team. I had been dancing all of my life and that is what made high school special. We got to dance at football and basketball games where the whole school would cheer us on. High School was fun!
I enjoyed the close-knit community of Luers, but would've liked to see more of the staff care for students (especially the principal Tiffany Albertson).
There is a family feel that is unique to Luers. People are always welcome and the Catholic faith helps students to grow up as good people even if they are not catholic.
Bishop Luers is a great school to stay focus on your education. Teachers motivates you and help you do better. One thing I dislike it how it wasn’t really diverse. It’s easy to feel left out.
It was an amazing school and honestly it made my transition from high school to college way easier. And the work isn't as a hard if a load because I was so used to
Bishop Luers High School is focused on achieving academic, athletic, social, and spiritual excellence. Luers Spirit is not only about cheering on the football but cheering on others in the classroom and in the chapel. This school has made me feel safe and at home. Being on the south side of Fort Wane there is a lot of diversity to help students prepare for the world around them. Also the teachers are very good at college preparation and understand each students strengths and struggles.
Bishop Luers is a Strict Catholic High school. It is very challenging and prepares you for college. I have made a lot of friends at the school and feel challenged at the same time with my academics. The athletics are average but great for a competitive athlete or someone with some skill.
Bishop luers has its perks and most definitely has its cons. This school was at some point a wonderful school but has gone down in the last 4-5 years.
There are great teachers, but they have some unnecessary rules and ways to handle certain situations.
The school is great. The school personally helped me grow in my Christian faith and also got me ready for college. The work load sometimes is hard, but I know it will benefit me later in life. Also, some the teachers are really nice. The are willing to stay after school and help if students needs it. Not only that, some students are willing to help their peers by staying after or coming before school hour to tutor and helps assist.
It's easy to navigate through and it shows scholarships depending on where you live and minorities. It's a really great website.
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Luers was a great fit for me. The teachers were helpful and respectful, the classes were challenging but not impossible, and the friends I made there will last my entire life.
When I first started attending Bishop Luers, my first impression was that it was friendly and close knit community.
We have a variety of extracurricular activities. Anyone in this school should be able to find something to get involved in.
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