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Within Bishop Kenny high school, I would like to see a change as far as care for the student body. The teachers and faculty need to take a more personal approach with the students instead of treating us as run of the mill high school children.
Bishop Kenny offered a comprehensive academic experience. The staff was always helpful. I leave there with the confidence to begin my next steps of my future education. I will always have fond memories of my high school.
I like many things about Bishop Kenny including the teachers, the classes, the clubs, and all the sports.
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My experience at Bishop Kenny has been good. I got the opertunity to make new friends and experience what it’s like to be a leader. There are so many clubs and sports that makes being involved very easy.
Bishop Kenny is a pretty good high school. I only attended for two years so I did not get the full experience but it had a good culture of a Catholic school. The teachers and staff were mostly helpful and friendly but after being in college I only feel a few of my courses truly helped me prepare for college. Also, compared to my other two (public)high schools, this was probably the most diverse and the safest. When I have children of my own I will consider sending them to Bishop Kenny.
I love everything about Bishop Kenny. There is nothing I would change about my experience here. Everyone here is kind and shows pure generosity towards each other. Teachers, students, peers, work together to make sure that each one of us is successful. No child will be left behind here at Bishop Kenny. If you want to attend a high school that exceeds all of your many hopes and dreams than Bishop Kenny is definitely your choice. The atmosphere in Bishop Kenny is very humble and peaceful. And this higschool stands out among many high schools globally. Being here at Bishop Kenny is the best. I complete my work, communicate with friends, and I also improve my relationship with God each and every day. Being here at Bishop Kenny is definitely a blessing in my life!
Bishop Kenny is a school that properly and thoroughly prepares its students for college curriculum while also providing a Catholic environment to nurture the students’ faith. However, the diversity and administration are often limited in variation which can limit a persons perspective on the social and cultural issues of the day. I hope that my school will continue providing excellent education, for those that push themselves, and expand their cultural diversity to become a more inclusive environment.
Bk is such a good school.
We have Great teachers a great principal and a wonderful staff
I went there for high school and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way it’s such a good school and the everyone is s understanding and kind
It’s one of the best schools for a reason
It’s a great school with mostly great educators. Some educators are questionable on teaching skills.
I like bishop kenny for the diversity and all of the classes they offer. Bishop Kenny gives each student the opportunity to excel in not only academics. Bishop Kenny offers many clubs and sports for the students to participate in.
The school is very intense but they push you to your best capabilities and are always open to help out students. The best part of Bishop Kenny is the sporting events. They provide a great education and teachers that genuinely care for their students.
I had an amazing experience at Bishop Kenny high school. I played football for four years, and was part of our naval Junior ROTC platoon. My teachers challenged me to do my best. Our academics are comparable to the best schools in the country. And I feel extremely prepared to go on to college.
Bishop Kenny was a great place to spend my 4 years of high school. I made friends there that I will have for a long time. All the teachers and staff are amazing and very understanding. Bishop Kenny also taught me many core values that I use to this day.
What I absolutely loved about Bishop Kenny High School is their NJROTC program. The program is very inclusive and teaches you many valuable lessons that can be used inside and outside the classroom. If I had to chose one thing to change about the school is their uniform policy, it needs to be slightly less strict.
I feel that Bishop Kenny High School is an excellent School to help prepare me for college. In addition, the school has instilled good neighborly and family values which helps me in staying focus in preparing for my future job and leading my family with good Christian values
Bishop Kenny made the difference in my life. I came in as an unmotivated student and left with a clear goal for my life. BK helped me grow in my faith and prepared me exceedingly well for college.
Through out my high school career Bishop Kenny has gave me a great chance to succeed in my college career and in life. I wouldn’t make it this far without the great staff and students at Bishop Kenny.
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It was ok. Not a lot to do if not involved i sports or clubs. Find ways to get involved. Get to know people.
I loved the environment at Bishop Kenny, being that it was a private school the kids seemed better mannered. Because all of the parents are paying for their education having the stable family life among all of the students made a difference. The teachers are very friendly and are always there to help. The guidance counselors are there for your every need. If I could see anything at Bishop Kenny change it would be the the uniform policy. There should be a better sweatshirt for the cold months as the one we currently wear does not keep us very warm.
Bishop Kenny High School provided an excellent academic experience and provided superb preparation for college. Although it is a Catholic/Private school, religion is not pushed too hard (there are required religion classes, which can be a bummer). Overall, however, Bishop Kenny provided great experiences and prepared me for college essays and research. Furthermore, the faculty and staff are all incredibly kind and extremely helpful. they work with students, actually listen to them, and help them achieve goals. They also provide pushback when necessary, so most interactions feel fair and balanced. Extracurriculars are also excellent, in particular, the video production club (which I helped to start back in 2010). This specific experience helped me both personally (building teamwork/technical skills) and also professionally (building leadership skills). Overall, a fantastic school.
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