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Bishop Ireton High School Reviews

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Medium size classes.
Able to have a conversation with teachers during class time.
Encourages higher learning and setting goals.
The school has a great academic program.
Struggling with diversity likely due to the high tuition for non-catholic families. Don't see many aluminum investing. Visible improvements being made structurally which will hold more students. Has the potential to be more diverse.
All my teachers are really nice this year and class is always a calm and chill environment. The food here has always been great, and now they always have something special for lunch on Fridays like smoothies. Outside of school activities whether it’s clubs, theatre or sports have always been the highlight of my day and everyone is always kind and accepting. I’m very excited to be a senior next year and can’t wait to try out even more new things! :)
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Ireton is a great school for academics. It will push you to work your hardest as a student ,but the school is not diverse. The most diverse part of Ireton is the different shades of blonde. The girls can be catty and cliquey. It is very difficult to be in a position of power as a student (president of a club, honor society, etc.) so you will have to work extremely hard to get one of those positions for your college resume.
I went to Bishop Ireton all 4 years and it is worth every dollar. The teachers are experienced and knowledgeable of their subject and they recognize the importance of hard work and focus. I learned some very important skills at Bishop Ireton all with the central theme of the Christian faith.
The environment overall is very toxic and uninviting. Students are rude and very hostile. Other than that, the teachers are very nice, helpful, and want to see their students succeed. The teachers genuinely care.
Ireton has great academic rigor and a wide variety of courses. Many of the teachers are very skilled and engaging but as in any school there are a handful that are sub par. Overall I’ve had a good experience and would recommend it.
Bishop Ireton is a beautiful community of excellent faculty and staff who genuinely care about the students and do everything they can to cultivate growth and create a positive and open learning environment.
I liked my classes and teachers and the friends I’ve made have really shaped me and my faith. The school lunches were okay and there were struggles because it still is a high school. The clubs and opportunities are amazing!
Bishop Ireton is a very small but great Catholic school that offers many great classes and resources for students. The sports team are no very good besides girls lacrosse, but they do offer a lot of clubs and its very easy to make one. The administration and teachers are great which makes the academics even better.
Overall it was a very good experience. Most of the teachers really care for the students. The CP classes aren't very challenging but honors and AP are. The clubs are somewhat lackluster. Sports isn't really big unless you're on girls varsity lacrosse. All of the students are very nice and welcoming.
I’ve had a great time at Bishop Ireton, especially as a Catholic. The community is very inviting, friendly, and open to all. More diversity and outreach would be great for others interested in such an environment.
Bishop Ireton strives for us as students to achieve our goals. The teachers and staff members provide a strong foundation for the students to pursue our dreams. I'm grateful for a school like Bishop Ireton, I highly recommend.
Bishop Ireton is filled with amazing teachers who genuinely care about you and want you to do your best. There are also so many talented and encouraging people.
My experience was fine. There was a lot of nice students and I enjoyed most teachers. The school is currently working on upgrading its infrastructure, so I imagine its facilities, classrooms, cafeteria, etc. will all be nicer soon. Not the best school at preparing you for college and not a lot of resources for students if they want to branch out of regular academics.
As a transfer senior I was apprehensive about entering a new school, but I was welcomed almost immediately and have made a huge and close group of friends. The teachers and counselors will work very hard to help you and make sure you are prepared and set.
Bishop Ireton was welcoming from the first. My daughter's shadow day was the deciding moment for her to choose to attend HS at Bishop Ireton.
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Bishop Ireton is an average at best school. The only reason I would consider sending my child here is if the public school they are zoned for is below average. The school itself is not diverse. The teachers, with the exception of 3 or 4, are average. If your son or daughter plans on going to a state school, save your money and go to a public high school. In fact, just save your money and just don't attend a Catholic high school, especially if you live in the Fairfax County area. Bishop Ireton is certainly not worth its price tag and actually has less to offer (in terms of AP courses) than many public schools in Fairfax County.
BI has been an excellent fit for my daughter - great teachers, an abundance of clubs, activities and sports and amazing fine arts program.
This is a great school. There are friendly people and amazing teachers. Recently there has been a push for engineering so many classes have been implemented to reflect this. The theater department is also very good and the girls lacrosse team. There will also be a hackathon on January 20th - 21st. You should go
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